Of the sotf #

First off, I would just like to give a hearty congratulations to the Gryffindor house for winning the house cup for the nth time.

Actually, the rest of the people who aren’t from Gryffindor, doesn’t really care anymore. It was not really new for us that you guys would win it again and again and again…

Bitter much? Not really. (mga leche kayo. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Moving on…

This is probably the most unique End of Term Feast I’ve attended. We actually had our Eotf just last Sunday, quoting some of the people; it should’ve been Sotf, Start of Term Feast or Deotf, Delayed End of Term Feast or Wpkmotf, Wala Pa Kong Mens of Term Feast.

So, we all did it in Mcdonalds, this time in Greenbelt 1 or the establishment at the back of the Glorietta area, if you’re facing it from Ayala. The event was quite short since we had limited time in the area. Too bad we didn’t do any theme parties inside the area. I miss wearing fire-hazard Mcdonalds’ hats.

Because they are made of paper and summer is near and you really don’t need to know this information because I know you’re a grown up and practically is informed that paper is a good material for burning. Ask your lola who cooks using charcoal.

The explanation. I am really bad with words, phrases, proper nouns, homonyms, oxymoron, ballad, and such in the fandoms that I am a member of. So, I really do have to apologize that I do know that 12 Grimmauld Place is a place but I forgot its importance in the HP universe. I’m versed with people and spells and probably places inside Hogsmeade. And yeah, I’m starting to be defensive. So, sorry sorry sorry. Inhuman only.

I’m stopping.

Though, it was really unfortunate for us since our rivals got “Voldemort” and “Accio”. Ugh.

C’mon. Really? (hahaha. ang taray ko. sensya na wala pa kong tulog. Tao lang.)

The highlight, of course, was the second game. They did a crepe paper, dress a house-elf game and Leah made the fascinating teeth cutting of the scotch tape near Rb’s crotch area. No cam shots were made, too bad.

And yeah, it was anti-climactic when some guy announced that Gryffindor won the house cup again, phooey.

Oh all right, congratulations to the new student leaders and to the graduates.


I have a question, what if everybody’s a graduate already and no new students are joining? Just a thought.

(bwahahaha. ang panget ng entry ko. pasensya na. Tao lang ulit.)


~ by targrod on February 11, 2009.

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