Of the usb #

Some random effin’ musings in the office; it is not actually musings; more of the opposite of the happy days are here again thing.

They’re tracking again the employee through the basis of the Internet usage per person in proportion of that person’s productivity during the day. I think this is plain bullshit. Though I know there are companies who take out the Internet so that the employee can work properly, I can and I am a master of multi-tasking. Think about it. I’m almost always as full-billed I can damn be and at the same time I crave for the social life that I’ve been missing these years.

(syet. Teka. Iiyak na ko. huhuhu. I know the idea is pathetic. Alam ko mali ako. Alam ko I should not use the company’s resources for personal use. Alam ko. Alam ko. Alam ko.)

They took out the USB ports due to some unscrupulous Ojt’s that use these ports. These same OJT’s doesn’t even mind if the USB drives that they’re using are full of malwares and viruses that would harm the computer that they’re using and eventually brings down the productivity of the employee since the employee, unknowingly, goes to work and opens the PC and finds out that his/her PC is practically dead. To which, it will take time to format the PC since our network doesn’t even know how to remove those viruses, etc.

(the funny thing is, maghihigpit sila sa common employee. Talagang todo-tutok sila. Pero sino ang nakatutok sa mga OJT. Isang tao, dalawa? You must be kidding me. Alam niyo, kontakin nyo yung mga developers ng Netopia. Yung program kasi nila dun to control people, maganda. Pero oo nga pala, kuripot kayo. Siiyyyeeet.)

Are you guys waiting for the moment for the whole network of PC’s in this office to go down and die because you can’t even buy a copy of anti-virus for the network? Do we always end up with freeware and cracked versions of anti-virus software? When will we all learn that our job is important and we need protection from the virtual bullshit that we come across everyday?

(anak ng ewan naman kasi. Gastusan niyo na kasi yung anti-virus dito sa office. Hindi naman tayo yung kumpanya na kumikita lang ng few hundreds of pesos. IT company tayo, you guys should very well know na ito yung bread and butter natin. Hello? Common sense, pag walang IT related work dito sa company dahil bollocks ang kahit anong related sa trabaho, wala nang pupuntahan ito.)

And I don’t get this statement, “wala na tayong magagawa, OJT yung mga yan e. Kaya hindi sumusunod sa amin”.

(anak ng putangina naman. Nung nag-ojt ako. Takot na takot akong sumabit at magkamali kasi natatakot akong hindi sign-an nung mga boss ko yung OJT papers ko. Tapos ito, ibig sabihin ba nito, pag nag-stay lang dito sa office yung OJT, automatic na pasado na kaagad siya? E paano kung maka-cause siya ng ultimate fuck-up of the century da moves dito sa office, papasa pa din ba sya?)


This is the best time to re-evaluate everything.


~ by targrod on February 11, 2009.

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