Of the 25 #

I was tagged in FB (woohoo… you know what FB means) and since I am OC in nature. I’d be posting this crap here instead. And, oh yeah, I’m not tagging anyone.

Hell yeah! I’m a rule-breaker (ho-hum…)

And I’m not fond of this spam type of posts. I’m just trying to amuse myself.

And, again, I thought it would be hard for me to come up with 25 items. Sus. Chick.

Once you’ve been tagged, you are actually SUPPOSED to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it is because I want to know more about you.

1. I am Targrod, Targs, Targrodius, Targrodoodles, Targrodian, Fraggle Rock, Targrodatius, Chamhachile, Mangyan, Gee Are, and Dennis Pinch. I’m occasionally George Estregan or Dan Fernandez whenever I feel like it.

2. I really listen to all types of music. It is in my belief that music is the universal language. But rock will always be my favorite among all the other genres. This is also the genre that I listen to whenever I’m having some angry-emotional issues in the office. It is as simple as place the earphones on both earlobes and turn the volume to high.

3. There are two things I usually do when I want some soul-searching, driving and walking. As to walking, that’s why when you meet me on the street, you might think I’ve gone wacko because I’m usually talking to myself and even if you thought we’ve established eye contact, I didn’t.

4. Contrary to what people believe, I am a hardcore torpe. I’m familiar with the word, the meaning, and how it is played. I’ve been there a lot of times during college and probably, still having some of it today.

5. I lost my confidence (sounds bad, right?) when I entered elementary and high school. An all boys’ school with a bully-prone personality is not a good combination. I’m thanking the good Lord for giving me guidance during those times. It was really awesome when my high-school mates where officers of CAT, some of them where even close friends. Oh, CAT in high school (I went to Don Bosco Manda) is way harder than the relaxed environment of ROTC in DLSU.

6. I am partly proud that I was a late bloomer in all aspects. A few of my classmates in high school saw me as childish and probably in college too. Up until now, I think I am still childish but I’d rather call it easy go lucky. Sometimes, a happy disposition would really make your ordinary day extraordinary (yes, this is just a lame excuse with what I’ve shared). And to add the fact that I’m still playing street games even when I was in high school.

7. I have a lot of girl as friends rather than guys maybe due to the matriarchal system in our home. I can say that my mom is my best friend and yeah, it may sound being me as a mama’s boy, and I just don’t care. Sometimes, for me, it is just hard to open up with the same sex unless you gain my trust.

8. I used to be a real joker before. I never felt the limits with my pang-aasar and there was a time when someone said “shut-up” to me out of plain inis. Eventually, I was able to somehow understand the limits and I usually stop when I know if someone’s beginning to boil some blood. Oh, and when I know I’ve offended anyone I say sorry. Though if I’ve offended you and I wasn’t able to apologize to you, you can tell me that dilemma anytime. I will listen.

9. I always avoid confrontations and debates due to the fact that nobody usually wins in those battles. You’d probably see me shutting up whenever someone is trying to make a point. Though, when it is really needed, you’d probably see me in my red-hulk form because the line has been crossed.

10. I know this is inappropriate to say but I can kill a person or hurt a person badly if ever someone pisses me really off (like don’t hurt me or my family or friends physically). I have this rage inside me that I might not control when it comes to this circumstance. I’m open to the idea that I’m not really scared to die.

11. I’m not vain. I can go through the day without even looking at the mirror. I have a kikay kit though that consists of every grooming material such as toothbrush, cologne, salonpas, etc.

12. I don’t have any bad vices. I don’t smoke because I’ve been living with a couple that loves to smoke. I don’t really drink because alcohol gives my hard time to pump. And I don’t do drugs because I believe that the money spent on drugs should rather be spent to my good vices.

13. I’ve almost been a part of the church all my life. When I was young, I was tapped as a sacristan for years. I used to have my vacation in a priest’s house in Dolores, Quezon. I know and I can lead the rosary, though I’ve already forgotten the fifteen mysteries. I know the in and out of a church mass. And I’ve been and still am a member of our church choir. And no, I can’t say that I can sing that well since a choice requires a group effort.

14. I am proud to say that I have a vast collection of movies. My genres change from time to time ranging from noir, classics, shocking, cult, musicales, b-movies, etc. It also depends if I’m focused with a certain criteria, like if I’m into this director or this writer. Mike De Leon, Akira Kurosawa, Hayao Miyazaki, Wes Anderson, and Stanley Kubrick are few of my favorites. I also wanted to be a filmmaker though I’m not sure if I am really capable of being one, but all people have the right to dream, right? That’s why I’d rather hold a video camera than a still camera.

15. I have been always fascinated with our pop culture, and probably pop culture in general. Whether it is showbiz, jologs, sports, current affairs, etc. I consider this as a way to communicate with people, just like my music belief. I also have a strong political nature as I’ve been exposed to this since I was a child as my mom’s side was activists before. And I hate the idea of people who doesn’t pay any taxes and at the same time, who always complain with our government’s shortcomings regardless of who is in control. Us taxpayers should always have the say in times of these.

16. I can’t say that I love reading books but I do read books even when I was young. There were times when I’ve spent most of my time during elementary and high school in the library. I grew up reading Nancy Drew as I appreciate here detective skills rather than the hardy boys. I tried reading Alice in Wonderland; it was the last book of that type I read before venturing to new reads in college. Thank God for Harry Potter, I was able to read new stuff and here I am, starting to be addicted to books again.

17. I’m more of an air drummer rather than an air guitarist.

18. I’m familiar with a lot of sports. I was able to follow a few episodes/games of Rugby, American Football, and American Baseball. I love rugby, I enjoy the part where the two opposing teams would merge and everyone would lift some person in front of them, which would look, like a single wave of two colors. I know how to play basketball, soccer, and volleyball. I can’t really enjoy contact games due to my eyeglasses. A new eyeglass is not cheap mind you. So, I end up playing badminton and bowling. I miss soccer though and I’m not good with it. I just miss it. And yeah, I know how to swim too.

19. I am fairly optimistic in anything that I see. I try to make it to a point to always look for the brighter side of life. I believe that we’re not sure of our lives if we’re going to die today or tomorrow. So, why die pessimistically when you can die in optimism.

20. I will always be starstruck’ed with any celebrity whenever you’re an oh-so high and mighty or you’re a puny extra’d individual. It all depends on my excitement on that person. That’s why I always notice celebrities despite the idea of “so what if they are a celebrity?”

21. I am a lazy obsessive compulsive. As much as possible, I don’t fix or arrange stuff because I know it would take some time for me to do it since I am OC. So, most of the time, I’d rather leave it there despite its appearance.

22. I’m familiar with sicknesses and medicines as I am probably prone to a lot of illnesses. I try not to drink meds as I try my anti-bodies to move on their own.

23. Math is something I love and hate. When I was in my pre-college years, I can say that I am fairly adept with that subject. Come college, it all fell and I’m just happy today that I was able to survive it.

24. I’m not sure with this idea but I think I have a nice memory. I can pick up memories from as far as ten years ago. Though, and I know that, those memories I pull out are probably memorable in a way. I practice memory help by trying to remember things I did from the past week daily.

25. I have a ledger of all the stuff I’ve spent during the day. I’ve been doing it for the past three years and I don’t know if it has improved my budget. I think the idea of doing it is a good start for some good budget. And I can always look back and tell myself, I shouldn’t have bought that crap.


~ by targrod on February 13, 2009.

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