Of the tip #

A good date should be special and memorable. It would be better if both parties know how a good date goes. So, here are some tips on having a good date.

For the wizard, be presentable, neat and sweet. Be sure that you don’t stink and as much as possible don’t dress as a house-elf. Be sure to be early or on time. The slightest minute or second that your late, you’ll give your date some turn-off points. Bring muggle flowers. Never bring a devil’s snare as a gift. Use a pensieve to remember all of these. For the witch, being late is not an excuse. In fact, there are no excuses for this. If ever you’ll be late 1 minute is the most. You only need one charm for the hair (Note: omit this if you’re Nymphadora Tonks), one charm for the make-up, one spell for the dress, and one spell for the shoes. But since witches (or girls in general) are late in nature, go for it. That is your first test for your date, patience.

The ideal place for the ideal date should also be given some thought. But before you go there you have to travel. It is a no-no for wizards to use floo. Find time-consuming ways to for traveling. You can use a magic carpet, a hippogriff, or a dragon. Another suggestion for this is to use a portkey. The element of surprise to your date would surely give you “pogi points”. Always remember that that you don’t end up at Knockturn Alley (unless you’re a Slyth) or in Snape’s dungeon (unless you’re… uhm… Snape).

Wizards can also decide if they want their date to happen during day or during night. If you plan your date during the day and you’re running low on wizard money, Hogsmeade is the place to be. Treating her with butterbeer and some good pastries are enough. If you want be with her alone don’t go to the Shrieking Shack or the Hog’s Head Pub, try to go to some area near the Hogwart’s castle that could ensure you and your date of privacy. If you plan your date during the evening, try to go to the top of the castle or better yet, look for the Astronomy classroom and name stars for her. For the witches, be sure that you don’t go on a date on a full moon, especially if you’re dating someone you don’t really know, for instance Remus Lupin. And if you’re planning your date at home, some good home-cooked meal will surely impress her. Be sure to cook food the muggle way, it will surely grab her heart. Additional date tips, prepare some self-flaming candles and beautiful haunting music played by your favorite ghost musician. And be sure to remove all Kreacher-like house-elves and screaming portraits.

After a good date, be sure to bring her home on time. As a well-prepared wizard, you should be aware of your date’s father if he is an animagi or if he works in the Ministry of Magic.

And before saying goodbye to your date, the wizard should be equipped with toothpaste candy or a mouthwash gum. You’ll never know if you could get some smack before the date ends.


I still can’t believe that I wrote this exactly four years ago. Abbey reminded me of the article and I’m posting it here. This is the un-edited copy and the edited copy is still missing (as it can still be improved but who-the-heck.)


~ by targrod on February 13, 2009.

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