Of the blah1 #

I’ve gone procrastinating for today (this was a yesterday post so there.)

Work is not raining and it seems that I’ll be here waiting for father time to pass by. I wonder what his agenda is for today. Would he be mountain-biking from Tagaytay to Manila or would he be riding the metro trains back and forth for five times or would he go bilge-eating at all the sinful sweet restos in the metro?

Anyhoo, the boringest (yes, there is an emphasis on the est part) thing that I’ll ever do today is to clean up e-mails.

Take my personal Rocketmail account for example, I have 6600 + unread mails. It really takes a while to clean up these unread mails. Should I read each mail or do a selective reading and erase the uninteresting parts. And how about the read mails that aren’t in their respective folders?

And there’s the office mail where each mail needs some sorting. I can’t live by the day where everything is in my Inbox. Everything should be in its proper folder for easier future use.

As I’m dealing with my mail shit, I’m trying to clean up my desk and my drawer to make it look more professional presentable. Wait, I’m not in the mood for this one.

Moving on…

Since it is some kind of personal time for this day since I really don’t have any worthy billable work, I might as well fix the music that I’m listening to. Delete songs that should be listened to six months from now. Arrange the file names and the ID3 tags.

And yeah…

Planning for the next three months probably… should I still pursue some alone vacation time in some place and at the same time have some vacation with my friends too? I think I deserve to go on some kick-ass vacation this year since I missed a lot last year.

Or the best idea for this day is to go malling instead. As I’m not in the mood for anything, why won’t I just look for stuff that I can use such as red thongs and some leather for some S&M love?


Isn’t it nice to write something stupid and totally useless once in a while? (teka, you’ve been doing that something stupid and totally useless thing ever since you’ve started writing crap in the Net. Chong naman, do something productive today… Slap stupid people. Shout “Meganunn?” in four different octaves. Dance the Macarena with your eyes shut para hindi ka makita ng mga tao. And do some armpit farts once in a while in your area to the tune of Humanap Ka Ng Panget… and that’s what you call uber-productive. Woo-hoo! Hooray for multi-tasking à ano daw?)


I should’ve brought my Portah. (dapat nanonood ako ng Oro, Plata, Mata ngayon e. Curses.)


~ by targrod on February 18, 2009.

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