Of the food #

The search for the missing A&w flavor is over. I’ve searched far and wide, which only constitutes of two places, SM Megamall grocery and some 7-11 branches. It took me painstakingly a few hours to look for this soft drink or cola.

You see, if you’re fond of root beers (which will make you burp more, hooray for burping kahit bastos) and especially more fond of root beer floats then you might as well try this certain flavor of A&w.

From what I’ve gathered there are two flavors in the regular market, there’s beef and chicken (uy korni yan. Pero tatawa sya. Bwahahaha!) I think there’s the regular brand and the your-usual-you’d-probably-gain-myoma-or-some-bad-tumor-in-the-future diet brand (as my momma blames diet coke all the time kasi nagkaroon sya ng forced menopause so sa mga kalalakihan dyan, you’ve been warned… and yeah, do I still have to explain my hirit? I don’t think so. Malaki ka na naman at pumasa ka na sa M.a.p.e.)

So, I went to some sinful place again (think of a place where everything is VAT free) and found my gold. Well, actually it was sort of light brownish in color and it’s practically liquid so there’s no gold involved.

I found my A&W Vanilla flavor. I first tasted this in OGM last week and I was really looking for this one. Though I was able to grab a half a dozen only (and I gave two cans to my cousin which leaves me four cans), it felt like I was in heaven once again.

Oh God I sound like a stupid buffoon.

And since we are talking about food, I also want some of the following:

–         Any Café Breton crepe

–         Pan De Manila’s cheese sticks with sour crème

–         Yoshinoya’s maki salad

–         Mexicali’s burrito

–         Rufo’s mushroom adobo

–         Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s Moroccan tea

–         Any Sizzling Pepper steak, extra rice please

–         Icebergz, any rice or ice cream food will do

–         Gelato

–         Pancake House’s roast chicken

–         Banapple, all cakes and the Hickory Rib, oh so yummy

–         Pandan iced tea from Oodys or Fruit Magic is fine

–         Any mojos (wag lang si mojo jojo)

–         Snicker’s or Mars or Milky Way bar

–         Nutrilicious’ Red Sunrise cocktail juice

–         Sbarro’s Baked Ziti

–         Any Dairy Queen product (basta yung hindi malamig, may ubo pa ko e.)

–         Cotton Candy

–         Chowking’s crushed ice Nai Cha.

–         Café Med’s rice (yeah, yung rice lang masaya na ko.)

–         and my mom’s special Adobo (bwahahahaha)


I knowz (like heaven knowz) I wantz zome more food but I can’t remember na e.


~ by targrod on February 18, 2009.

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