Of the guy #

No, it’s not Pip’s partner in circa… err… the past.

As I’ve finally seen it. After numerous downloads (that’s two to be exact) using some lame torrents, I was able to download and enjoy a copy (bootleg of course) of Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

I have always been a sucker for these kinds of films: simple screenplay, relationship issues, and great soundtrack. It doesn’t matter if the acting is not as fantabulous as that Asian girl in Gran Torino or Sean Penn as Harvey Milk. What matters is the simplicity of the film and of course, the non-stop funny (non lol-ish of course) course of the film.

I know the movie consists of teenage actors and actresses (actually matatanda na sila pero dahil sa mahika ng pinilakang tabing, nag-iibang anyo ang mga artista at sila ay bumabata o tumatanda) and the issue (or issues) dealt in the film can still be applied to people of all ages (kahit Jurassic or thunders na sya.)

There was one particular scene that made me notice. The one where the bida guy was asking something from the bida girl (I won’t divulge much here, watch it. No spoilers. Mataas ang EQ ko.) And even the bida guy, I think, was asked of that same idea. And it was one of the few films where this was told without any hesitations and without any answers from the bida actors and actresses (and it was very natural kasi in real life if you were asked that same question, what would you say?)

And yes, I would just leave it as cryptic as it can be.

From a few posts ago, I mentioned about the song Till I Hear From You from the movie Empire Records and probably this movie can go hand in hand with that film due to the numerous good songs used in the film.

I particularly liked Speed of Sound; Lover; Middle Managemen; Ottoman (oh god, the violins); Riot Radio (hello guitarrrrr hero); Fever; Xavia (I love this); After Hours (I had this song for months already and I’m still listening to it… say you’ll stay…); Our Swords; Silvery Sleds; Baby, You’re My Light; Very Loud; How To Say Goodbye; Last Words; and that Nick & Norah’s Theme (instrumental of course).

Oh wait. Those are the exact fifteen tracks in the soundtrack. How dare you.

And since when did you listen to this music? (Oh, I’ve been listening to them for quite some time now, thank you to a few friends who’ve introduced non-mainstream music.)

And using unknown (for me they are unknown) actors are always effective if you’re trying to make a hit movie.


Before I forget, the band’s sexuality is a winner.

As Michael Cera’s or Nick’s quote says, “If anyone is getting raped in that van, it’ll be a guy.”


~ by targrod on February 19, 2009.

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