Of the saved #

I’m just happy right now that I know that my guardian angel is still there watching me.

I recently had a car failure on the stretch of a major road. I went somewhere during that time. It was, I think; during the wee hours of morning that I did this and the moment the car broke down, it turn to a point where I was really helpless.

There would always be a list of the “I should’ve” but it would be much better, and I did, if I thought of all the positive things that happened to me during those hours.

It went up like this. As I was driving along that big avenue, I felt a sudden gush (joke…), I felt some rumbling (not me of course, yung car) and I didn’t even took notice of it since I know it wasn’t really a big of a deal.

Then it happened, the clutch was misaligned. I was in the middle of nowhere (somehow). There were a lot of hammer girls and yeah, did I mention I was in the middle of nowhere and I was starting to panic.

I started to panic because of one thing. My phone’s batt is dead and I think that explains it all.

Thank God, my guardian angel in the form of a mamang taxi driver came to the rescue. He was kind enough, without expecting something in return, to use his taxi to make hila our kalampaging car. Since it was really a hassle for him if I asked him to make hila our car to our house, I just asked him to make hila it to the nearest gas station.

And he did. He even lent me his cellphone as I really need one during that moment. I used my own sim of course (ang kapal ko naman kung pati load nya gamitin ko.)

I gave him some monetary help with all the trouble that I had to put him through. Thank you manong. I wasn’t able to get his name. Nor even the name of that taxi.

But everything’s not finished yet. Since towing is expensive and it was in the wee hours of the morning, my dad and I had to endure the stretch of EDSA to Cainta with our post-taxi car makin hila our dilapidated car.

Imagine if there were shabu-laden truck or bus drivers in EDSA, you wouldn’t even see this post.

I’m thanking my guardian angel and the Lord God for what had happened to me during that day. On a brighter note, at least that didn’t happen to my folks.


(uy serious… me ganun? I just had to say this. Ang galing kasi nung gabing yun. Basta, may isa pang sabit nung araw na yan pero hindi ko na lang sasabihin. Bwahahaha)


~ by targrod on February 19, 2009.

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