Of the tochiquits #

Hey hey hey. Have you heard of the thirteen year old boy who impregnated a fifteen-year-old girl? It was televised on… television (surprise!) and it was really funny and sad at the same time.

Let’s go to the sad part first. Well, it seems that teen pregnancy is on the rise (when I say teen, it means that your age will fall under the teen part. It means that your age would fall from eleventeen to eighteen. I don’t consider a person, nineteen years of age, still a teen due to numerous reasons. And yes, Jay-r left his teen years at the age of twenty-five.) Actually it had been on the rise from the past two decades and yes, it sucks.

Doing the math first, if a girl got pregnant at the age of fifteen and let’s say her daughter would have the same fate and so on. So, it means that at the age of thirty you’re a grandmother and at forty-five you’re a great grandmother and at sixty, you’re a super grandmother (don’t forget that granny has to wear that S shirt worn by geeks worldwide, referenced of course to Clark Pampanga.)

The implications of course are population growth and the emotional growth of the child. C’mon, how can a child teach another child?

There’s one answer to that, I Am Sam, as that movie is true and based on fartual events. Look at Dakota Fanning right now, the movie Push made her career go down.

And again, I’m not making any sense here, as always.

I don’t want to give the solutions for this issue. (Actually I do. My momma and I had a long discussion on parenthood last night. And no, I’m not having a baby. I’m still having my monthly hello.)

Anyhoo, let’s go to the funny part na lang. I’m getting word-ish here and I’m not in the mood for that.

So, the interviewer was interviewing (oh wow, what a surprise) the thirteen-year-old boy and he asked the boy, “So, how are you going to take care of the baby financially?” The boy gave the response, “What’s financially?”


I always love to hate to be in our reunions. This is the only time that I have to constantly keep my guard up. As there are questions that don’t really need to be asked but they are eventually asked. Though, looking back in history, previous generations of my clan are inate-ly… uhm… witty (I don’t think there’s a word close to it) and insulting.

You might hear hurtful words left and right at times, it doesn’t mean we are serious with it. We just talk that way. We are just in-your-face people whenever we have a gathering.

And if you’re an outsider, let’s say a cousin of my cousin or even a girlfriend of a cousin, you might feel uneasy with the way we talk.

(in short, kung hindi ka sanay sa amin, siguradong ma-ooffend ka. Pero I think marami din namang mga clans na ganito. We were brought up this way. Yung malakas mang-asar and such. We just love laughter kahit na may siguradong tatamaan. Pero it’s all good. And yes, hindi na ko kasing kupal tulad noon. So there.)

I started with those things above because my cousin’s girl recently had a baby girl. And yes, that makes me an uncle.

So, they told me that the baby looks like my cousin’s brother (they nicknamed him Monkey Boy. He’s not really ugly but we love doing this to our blood relatives. My lola even nicknamed my cousin, a girl, Chiquito because according to my lola, she looks like Chiquito. And I’ll be posting her picture in here if you want to check if she looks exactly like Chiquito.)

My retort then to that (see previous paragraph without the parenthesis) is, “Ay ang pangit naman kung kamukha nya si Jonjon (my cousin’s brother.)” Obviously, the mother was offended but the father laughed at my hirit (kasi nga kilala nga nila na ko. babaw hirit lang yun.)

To make matters worst, I made the Chiquito reference follow-up and yeah, ang kufal ko talaga. Hehehe.


(walang pangit sa angkan namin.) So there.

(dalawang so there yan.)

~ by targrod on February 21, 2009.

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