Of the winners #

Here’s my take on this year’s Oscars. It was awesome and fantastic. That makes it an awesome-tastic show as opposed to fuckin-tastic which we all know what means.

Actually I’m not sure what it really means but it sounds so near with those KFC commercials.

I was actually awake as early as 7 in the morning waiting for this goddamn show. I found out that Velvet is showing it live including the red carpet and the show will start at 945 in the morning at channel 2. So, it’s all fine you commercial fuckin-bitches.

It feels good to say the F word once in a while (kasalanan ito nung The Blair Witch Project na pinanonood ko kanina. Puro fuck moment pala yun. Que Barbaridad.)

I don’t really have much to say for this year’s Ocars. I have to remember two things though. Create notes for the show and be sure you are absent that day. Oh, and another two more things to remember. Watch all the movies nominated and do a mock vote.

The only problem with this one is if the movie becomes really sucky then ugh I still have to watch the movie from start to end.

Moving on to the show…

The opening sequence is awesome, really. If you’ve seen most of the nominated movies then you’d probably get the opening sequence by Hugh Jackman. Surprisingly, he was able to pull this one that, well, made it really memorable, in positive terms of course.

Pulling out Anne Hathaway in the audience, a post-opening chat with the audience and saying “I am Wolverine” at the end of the opening sequence is enough for a standing ovulation err ovation.

And it is tiring to see Brangelina’s faces over and over and over again. IMHO, they are not Hollywood. Marissa Tomei is (I’m hearting Marissa for her Wrestler performance. Ngayon lang itetch.)

Tina Fey and (oh god, I forgot his name again) her partner, Will Smith, Natalie Portman and Ben “Joaquin Phoenix Impersonator” Stiller, and fucking Rob “twilight” are memorable as presentors.

Rob the Twilight is memorable because Zac Efron both had a presenting job and a singing/dancing job while Rob is just Rob. (at least nakapapel si Zac nung time na ito. Pasalamat siya sa Hairspray.)

The “musical” is meh for me. I mean Baz, ftw, made the mix of songs but, actually, it wasn’t that memorable. It is probably the fact that it has been used before or some of the singers didn’t really “steal” the show. (may isang part kasi dun na duet si Beyonce and si Hugh versus the HSM duo and parang wala lang. Ni hindi nga napansin ang ganda ni Vanessa. Hala Vanessa laos ka na. Try mo ulit yung full monty through the internet moment mo baka bumenta ulit at ang mababasa ko na naman sa Internet, “I would do this girl if she would just shave.” Promise, nabasa ko yan. Alam nyo naman kung gaano kagago at kakupal ang mga taong nagco-comment sa Internet. And in the end you’ll find out na yung nag-comment ay isang thirteen year old. Arusdyosko.)

I am just happy that Button didn’t win much. It was all hype. (sabi nila maganda daw pero ugh inantok ako dun sa movie. Kung hindi si Cate at si Brad ang artista dun. It would’ve sucked and considered as a B-movie.)

I have yet to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona Spain y Cuntodos Los Santos De Media Noche Najackpot Sapusalee.

For Heath, c’mon… Really? Actually, I’m not really impressed with his performance in The Dark Knight (maybe The Dark Knight itself is awesome but), I’d rather see his naked butt getting it on with Jake (did I say that out loud?) But if you would think and analyze about this, if they didn’t give it to Heath, they’d probably hear a lot of boo and the Oscar people are discriminatory with the dead people. So they’d rather give the award to him. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t baby.

I saw John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston. Yihee. (sila na ba or sila ba talaga or ayun.)

The Pineapple Express filler is also awesome, though it is not a lol-type of scene. It was all worth it; it felt like I was watching the MTV Movie Awards. I heart James Franco. Bwahahaha.

I have a question, is Jerry Lewis that old? For an old guy, he sure can still walk.

Kate Winslet gave a long acceptance speech and Sean Penn is so serious ergo…

The Oscars went from high to low and it seems that the Oscar people expected this one that’s why they started the show with the award for the Best Supporting Actress.

Oh yeah, I will miss Sydney Pollack, Charlton Heston, and Paul Newman. You guys rule!

The style for the Best Actor and Actress (and the supporting ones) on how it was given was quite a new thing for everyone. What they did was they took past winners and they described the nominees one by one. And I agree with Cuba Gooding Jr. (hindi nga lang bumenta yung joke nya about Shaft pero carry na din.)

And I’m still happy that Button didn’t win much and Slumdog took almost everything home. FTW!


I could’ve missed some more things but it’s all good. (mahaba na yung chorva ko.)

(Next year ulit.)


~ by targrod on February 23, 2009.

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