Of the Lipa #

A numbered account of what happened yesterday…

(dude. Numbered account? Ano yun? Wala lang. I really don’t know what to call it. Pero churva lang.)

7. Seven in the morning is the time I leave our house and on the way to pick up some people to go to Lipa. And 7:30 in the morning is the time I first met my first pick-up point.

96. 1996 is the model of the vehicle that I used for today. It was sort of a break in and yeah, it turned out it was a good break in and found the improvement the car needs.

4. Four is the number of engine parts that was replaced earlier in Caltex (or Petron, I can’t remember… really) near the Sta. Rosa exit. I’m thanking the staff for the help and my road-trip mates for the patience. (Enter Guns N Roses…)

10. Ten in the morning is the official time that we left the gas station and continued on with our road trip.

3. Three is the number of Towns / Municipalities / Cities that we passed through before arriving in Lipa.

4 again. Four is the number of pieces of the quesadilla type of food sold in KFC. For something like that, I’d rather buy a real quesadilla in a Mexican fast food. Bring me my usual original McChicken errr Chickenjoy errr KFC chicken instead (and hey, that’s redundant actually. It’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Chicken.)

4 for the third time. Four is the number of people who rode in a beautiful BMW owned by Cherie (she was included in the number by the way.) The car is spacey and it is enough for some MOMOL time inside.

3 again. Three is the number of churches I saw in Lipa. Wait, was it really three? Anyway, we stopped by Mt.Carmel and the aura was awesome. It was one of those days where my spirit was not really worthy (referencing Wayne and Garth here. And no, hindi sya si Garth Vader… “Look, I am your fathah.”)

1. One hour worth of KTV in a Family KTV Lodge found across SM Lipa; this place is owned by the owner (how redundant) of the well-known motels in Manila. I should’ve bought a sticker. Sssshhh.

17. Seventeen people who wore green pants or shorts found in the area of Lipa. There was a legend foretold that people who lived in this area adored green bottoms (as opposed to yellow tops.)

5. Five places where Ms. Lipa showed her MOMOL spots in DLSU-D.

1 again. 1 college friend found in a place where I’m not expecting he’ll be there. And vice versa.

1 for the third time. One hand that smells like toffee nut latte.

3 for the third time. 3 hours of driving back home. I’m calling on all mayors or whoever is the official of any of the towns we passed, motorists need lights.


(tinopak lang aketch…)


~ by targrod on March 2, 2009.

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