Of the top #

The wonderful thing when using the Internet is related to the word anonyminyty errr… anonymimitty errr… anonymity. There you go.

And the worst thing a site can do is to bravely do a list with the number one spot as the highest.

This link is a good example: http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20259843,00.html

A known site such as the Entertainment Weekly should be fully aware of the consequences that they do before posting something in the Internet. And they should’ve at least placed a “top 25 list in any order” instead of a who’s who on the best director.

This would always be subjective.

And that’s the hard part in creating a list. People would always have a different taste, a different point of view, a different reference, and more differences that you just have to listen to Ginuwine’s differences to find the real differences in the spot the differences.


I was reviewing the list and I didn’t find any qualifier on how the list was made. Yes, we all know that Spielberg will always be the best active director of our time but Indy 4 last year was so meh. At least I loved Iron Man last year and a lot of people adored The Dark Knight. So, we should start at something first before creating a list (I might have missed it though but from what I understand it all entails to the word Active. Parang bunny wabbit na active sa you know what.)

The person who wrote the list should at least have the following qualifications per director who should’ve been in the list. Number one is if the movies that he made were successful or not in terms of money. Then, if the movie is really good, he could’ve based it in rotten tomatoes or imdb as there are ratings in those sites; also, if the movie received awards and if the movies that they made acquired cult status. And finally, Active should mean that the director had hits for the past ten years.

Even the qualifications I set there are subjective too.

And here I am again saying stuff about movies and directors and as it is as if I’m part of the industry.

Finally, expect jack-ass remarks in the comments. I guess that is the only interesting part of the article.


Boo. Boring times are here again. Though, I’m getting tired of obnoxious comments. Imagine the effort that they do just to create some KSP comments. And you are not opinionated if you do that.


(e ano ano na naman ang piangsasabi ko ngayon… ho-hum)


~ by targrod on March 2, 2009.

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