Of the hanky #

Today is such a bitchy and crappy day. (tis time of the season where I would just write nonsense. With all those people who waste precious Internet bandwidth, I might as well use a little tiny part of it.)

All I want right now is a little wee bit of comedy. I’ve been haggard all day. I swear one more unnecessary incident that might’ve happened to me earlier, I could’ve stabbed you with my handkerchief.

I’ll put some boogers on it for the sake of making the blood look green…

Or yellow…

Or black.


I have some real goddamn respect to all those who do the mosh pit and more disrespect to all those guys whose sport, and probably their lives that revolves in, is basketball.

Though I don’t mean disrespect to all my friends out there but syet, give me a break.

You are in a crowd to get posters thrown from the stage; do you really need to push the person in front of you? A piece of long plastic that can be bought in Divisoria, do you really have to push the person in front of you ala box out rebounding?

I don’t think so.

You are so lucky that time that I wasn’t holding anything sharp; I really could’ve stabbed you with my broken heart.

Ooohhh… the rage.


March is not a good month for me. Today is not a good day for me. Whatever is out there, please I need my happiness back. I’ll give you my movie collection or even my cassette tape collection, just bring my happiness back.

Actually, I just have to sleep and probably feel the good times back when I wake up tomorrow and hopefully my mom gives me that needed recharge.


Oh God, work tomorrow. Yeah.

~ by targrod on March 3, 2009.

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