Of the persee #

Its Open Gaming Meet tomorrow y’all.

If you’re fond of board games (or game boards) and you want to meet a few celebrities… err… new people (read: most of us a geeks and nerds but we are the coolest people in the world, syet tinaas ang bangko) then drop by tomorrow to the OGM.

If you’re interested, do a pm or text me.

I swear its fun to play random games with random people. It’s like a gang-bang but its good clean fun. Bwahahahaha!


I’m not a planning type of person but I’ll be in Batangas on Sunday and Monday. I’ll be missing a few Internet stuff and I promise to try to create a home-made video *wink* *wink* for everyone.


More personal things…

I hate my ex-boss. Why is it hard for me to get the incentive that is really for me? I never knew that it is really hard to explain to someone who is not really bright.


Tomorrow… hay…


This past week was a roller-coaster ride for me. I miss a lot of things and I want to watch You Changed My Life. I’m assuming people are now lining up for the Watchmen movie and I’m assuming that the movie house would be cold.

And yeah, I want to Watch the Watchmen too! I’ve read the graphic novel and what the fuck is up with that? From what I heard, these SM people are showing in the “cut” version to bring in the R-13 crowd (as SM people are really afraid of being artistic.)

Yes, I’m waiting for a DVD version of Watchmen instead. Torrents, I’ll be watching you (as performed by P. Diddy and the Notorious B.I.G.)


And yeah, when will Ruffa Gutierrez go on leave. I’m tired of her.


~ by targrod on March 5, 2009.

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