Of the … #

There was this incident that happened to our community the other night. It was kind of surreal, but I know it might happen.

I drafted something yesterday and in case, worst come into worst, I’ll post it. But alas, apologies were thrown in. I am still not happy though with the result.

An apology from the end person is fine but will it change anything else? I don’t think so.

I am actually sick and tired with what is happening to our community.

I won’t disclose much here but here’s my simple logic behind this. Only the Vatican City is allowed to mix in the religious and political affairs. And that’s it. No simple community should hold that same statement. Imagine this, there are hundreds living in a community. So, why is it that politics, leadership in a community, and religion is mixed?

I think there is something wrong there. Yeah, somewhere in the middle I presume.

I miss the days when people were really friends in this community, circa fifteen years ago (?) I miss all the gatherings when people will really greet people. Where everyone is humane with everyone… When we can consider our community as one…

But alas, all good things have come to an end. There are factions. There are fake friends. There are etc, etc.

You see, just the other day, when my mom came home from work, one of her fingers were bleeding. And that made my eyes red.

I will leave it to this since, as I’ve said, apologies were already thrown to us.

And I am not going to name names. Remember the golf incident? Ha.


I really do think that I should say something about this. Even if something is telling me to stop. And I have a lot to say about this too but it would be too gruesome to people that people would probably say, “who the hell are you to say that?”

“Oh, I’m just a tired silent minority looking for some real peace and quiet and trying to correct the moral dilemma in our community.”


Again, no blood should, in any way possible, come from my mother or my father. I’m just here to remind.

And yes, things are meant to be cryptic. Sorry…


~ by targrod on March 5, 2009.

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