Of the yo #

Aside from the usual Kaleidoscope World in your old-school playlist, I may be one of the few people who still listen to Cold Summer Nights, Meron Akong Ano, and Ito Ang Gusto Ko (and I think I still have that poster for the Royal Tru Orange commercial where this was used and at the same time the artist who sang the song had a concert when I was still in my elementary years.)

And yes, we Bosconians are proud of him (oh, I wish I am right with this one…)

For me, he is one of the few Pinoy rap artists who made a difference. How can a rap artist introduce peace and nationalism through a rap song? Well, he did it.

I am actually still depressed with what happened, even though, and we all know, that he’s going to give up one of these days.

And I am amazed with his courage that up to the very end, he kept on fighting.

To the Man from Manila, the Master Rapper, the Master of Disaster, I hope you enjoy your new journey.

We will always miss you Francis Magalona!


And I am still depressed up until now.


~ by targrod on March 6, 2009.

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