Of the heads #

Before I go to work at 2 in the morning and go some place else at 4:30 in the morning, I just want to say… “finally…”


Ever since Mtv broke the news out, I was hesitant in buying a ticket. I asked people around if they’re available and alas no one was really available earlier today.

So, my dilemma is if I watch it, I’ll be alone and if I don’t I will miss this concert.

Friday came and I just said, fuck it, I’m watching.

And I did.


It was different this time. No personal planning was made. No Jay-r near the stage. No video shooting involved.

I just want to listen to the music. Pathetic as it may seem but, and I guess, I watched it to have closure.

Last year really sucked in terms of the number of songs played and this time they played more than what we asked for.


And since it was different this time for me, they made it different too.

There was no countdown and instead they did a Z to e “countdown”.

There was an acoustic feel with matching sofa to rest the person who really needs to rest.

There was a reggae version of Huwag Mo Nang Itanong where I first heard it in Saguijo.

There were three guys who did the vocals. We were chanting Buddy all night long and he just said a few words and some back-up vocals. Raims did his usual Sandwich moves and Marcus was simply hilarious.

There was Ely who went down the stage to greet the audience who were in the SVIP section and he even let the people sing Toyang ala pass the mic. It was quite different of Ely to do that. And that’s good.

There was a “burn the piano” moment. If you have a Sticker Happy album, you’ll see the piano there. It’s all scrap now.

And there was a fourth set. Kaleidoscope World was sung on the third set.


And yes, thank you guys for, and hopefully this is the real final set. If you’re planning a reunion, make it 10 or 15 years from now. We’ll all appreciate it if ever that happens.

(Mabuhay ang E-heads! Makakatulog na ko finally.)


~ by targrod on March 7, 2009.

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