Of the Ycml #

Various decisions and choices are made every day. Like, would you go and watch the first showing of a movie while you’re still at work? Or even choose watch You Changed My Life over Watchmen?

For my answers, I would say yes to both.

Impulsiveness is good at times and I’m glad I did it. (you can kill me now and tell me I’m not yo’ ho’ anymo’)

Oops! I did it again. Same thing I did with AVSL. I watched it once the cinemas opened and yeah, I did watch it again.

The only different thing this time is I watched the movie in its second week unlike AVSL where I watched it in its third week.

And I will always be right with the way I watch this Pinoy films. I will never watch a Pinoy film in the first week, or even the first three days, of its showing. If you read my entry (hindi ako nag-iisip ng bastos nung sinulat ko to. Pramis) with Richard and Kc’s first movie, then you’d probably know why.

Now, the movie… since the YCML is sort of a follow up or a sequel for AVSL then you won’t probably stop comparing this movie from the previous one.

Let’s go with the positive first. I may say that I liked the reuse of some parts of the movie. The script on relationships and shit (whoever wrote the script, man, it seems you know what you’re talking about). And some new baduy stuff, such as the “behbeh ko” ringtone, the power hug (i still say it is a super hug), and that last break dance move by Sarah (I didn’t see that one coming.)

New casts were also memorable. Like Rowell Santiago’s ex, I won’t tell her name here, you have to watch it. And Beverly Salviaje… Salvaje… Salvatooorrreee…

Now, here’s what I’ve noticed. It was as if the movie was too long. Maybe, the high parts were toned down and drama ensued mostly in the middle and mostly at the end. I wasn’t expecting that, I was in a verge of leaving the theatre. But I stayed put.

And the movie is a big squirming movie. There were lines there that would make you “oh my god. Ang korni!!!”

Sadly though, that some of the supporting actors in the first film weren’t given much light this time.

And I really don’t get Rayver’s non-stop strut and dancing all throughout the movie. No, stupid person would do much of that in public unless if you’re sick or yeah, sick. (wala na kong masabi e. non-stop yung sayaw nya e.)

All in all, I can give this seven probably. (kasi ang gwapo gwapo gwapo ni John Lloy parang malaking pugo lang yung shape nung ulo. Bwahahahahaha!!!!!!!)


(ang sarap maging jologs. Pramis. Ang kumontra bibigyan ko ng ten seconds…)

And this is actually a week late post.


~ by targrod on March 12, 2009.

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