Of the 13th #

Apparently Friday the 13th is just a big bunch of bullshit.

And I was definitely wrong.

(I still believe that this day is not really bad. In fact, I was so happy when I left the office earlier. Maybe, it is just a pure coincidence… or is it?)

But despite my cheery disposition (cheery daw o), one mishap still ensued in the office.

It went up like this. I joined one of the teams’ snacks here in the office and they were in the pantry. So, I sat down and got a drink by opening the two-liter cola and partially closed the cap.

(oh, how informative of me, noh? Do I really have to tell all the details?)

Now, I am an admitted clump errr clumsy person. So, I accidentally bumped the cola and all hell broke loose.

Let us just say three people were all wet after, all the people in front of me were not wet, and even the siomai were not swimming in cola soup.

So, the “wet ones” in this scenario are Jay-r, another employee, and my boss.

What a nice day noh?


But wait there’s more.

I always have an extra shirt inside my mini-cabinet and the design is the one made by Manix Abrera. It is a Kiko Machine shirt (I’m wearing it as I am writing this.)

The shirt says “Maging Sino Ka Man” with matching “Saan Man”, “Paano Man”, “Ilan Man”, etc all around it.

And I joked the guys on what if our boss wore the shirt?

And they told her.



Now, I owe her a signature blouse. Crap.


~ by targrod on March 13, 2009.

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