Of the rock2 #

Since I’m so lazy with everything that I do nowadays, all I can do is tell people on what they could do.

So, last night, I was back in Mag:net Café. I was back in Rockeoke-ing.

Before anything else, I’m encouraging everyone to drop by to this “solemn” place. Whoever thought of the ideas that they can come up with is a pure genius.

And I’m encouraging everyone because come 12 in the evening, people went bye bye and there were enough people left who enjoyed the event last night. It was kind of different the last time I went there since the house was packed.

As Rex would say, “Pack that sheet! Pack that sheet!”

And before anything else again, they have a lot of other events that goes on in that place. There’s rockeoke night of course and right just now, there’s broadway-oke night where broadway songs are the theme for the night. They used to have a Disney-oke night but I’m not well aware of that. They have a Beer Pong night. And they have a Rock Band night just last week, Guitar Hero’s competition.

And don’t forget their usual SPIT or Silly People’s Improv Theater where it is a take on Carey’s Who’s Line Is It Anyway and they have a Comedy Cartel where stand-up comedians sell out their voices. To which, I won’t probably allow myself to go there. Remember Stanley?

Now, moving on to what happened last night. It was kind of different. The excitement was still there but it wasn’t as high as before. Probably because the hosts are not as good compared to the last time we were there. I’m not saying they’re not good. This is a sort of bias thing. So there.

And it doesn’t matter on how many times you listen to a song, you wouldn’t remember each line and I sang Till I Hear It From You, and it felt like it was… pffft.

Thank God for our impromptu Wannabe, I’m sure we brought the house down. Or as one of the hosts said, “We rocked out Wannabe”. Or something like that.

I’ll be posting our video some time soon or when I get a copy from Penny.


And this entry seems to get boring-er by the minute. Woo-hoo!

I iz in need of a humour-box, I need to open it ala-Pandora and poof! Out came Koko F**ks errr… yeah.


~ by targrod on March 17, 2009.

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