Of the legends #

I’ll start this off with the awesome-ness of what we did two nights ago, forgive me for the How I Met Your Mother reference as I’ve been thon-ing (its marathon-ing shortened, pero mas humaba pa siya dun sa sinabi ko making this statement not making any sense, parang life) it for the past few days (I’m into season three, woo-hoo!)

This is the link of what we did:


And yes, it is legendary.

I’m hoping the link is open to the pubic errr public. I’m crossing my toes here.


So, nothing interesting, for me, really happens on reality television lately.

When I say reality television, it doesn’t mean that it’s Survivor, Beauty and the Geeks, or even Takeshi’s Castle. I’m referring to true-to-life news.

As I’ve said, I got bored with your usual television crap lately and I’m still in a look out for something interesting.

Let’s get serious for just a moment. You’d probably heard of those people who’re using Francis M’s death. They’ll be having a benefit concert without any paalam to his family and I just find it so wrong.

(man, tablan naman kayo.)


And then this incident affected me. It is not about the world’s billionaires losing a part of their wealth. It is not about Tony Blair and Rudy Guliani (it is read as Nginuyani, hehehe) coming in Manila (they’ll be in DLSU, I just don’t know when and me thinks you need 25 kiyaw to enter the event, moving on…) It is not about the Dacer case. And it is not about Manny and Hatton’s fight.

It is about a problem that we Filipinos are shouldering over our shoulders.

It is the current problem with Martin Nievera versus Jomari Yllana.

You see, the real reason why Jomari split up with Pops is due to… hey, read the papers. But somehow, the real reason lies with money. Now, Martin is saying some things against Jomari and Jomari said his piece last weekend.

And I’m surprised that Jomari can do it with class. The next thing that he needs to do is to go quiet again and that’s it. He had said his piece already. That’s class.

And it is so sweet that a thing like this comes up in the middle of March.

~ by targrod on March 18, 2009.

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