Of the boo #

I am going to blame the yaya for the moment, in case the yaya is the one to blame in this scenario.

Orrrr your usual scary movie…

It doesn’t matter.

In this case, I did something last week (if you are a plurk friend, you probably know the gist of the story but of course, there is a whole long story behind every small story. Now, if the story is really really long you might as well think of it as fifty stories high. Hehehe.) If you know me personally or if you’ve been following the crap I’m writing here in Multiply (yihee, loser ka na din pag ganun pag binabasa mo ang kagaguhan ko), then you’d probably notice I love the supernatural stuff.

I don’t usually scare people. I mean, there are three types of people in this case. The first one is the skeptic or the non-believer. It is understandable. Then, there are the believers. These believers are partially scared of the supernatural stuff or even not scared at all. In fact, they might be the people who scare you. And the last are the scared people. Just one drop of scary story and they’ll probably be running away once you start making-kwento or buy a happy meal in Mcdonalds. And yes, that doesn’t make any sense.

Like why Kc and Richard’s love team’s not working.

So, nights before the actual event, we were talking about supernatural stuff in the office. We were talking about palmistry, people getting sick because of some land in someone else’s backyard, or the little kid in the office.

It was awesome that two people are telling the same story, even if they really didn’t talk about it, that there’s a makulit kid in the office who keeps on running around and makes papansin with those people who has heightened senses.

Now, the build-up is probably high in this case.

I think I have to include the fact that my officemate went home early the past week because I told her that she couldn’t probably do an overnight in the office.

And she knows why.

I know. I know the timeline is partially messed up. Let’s see, she didn’t do the overnight, the conversation on the supernatural stuff came next and then…

Just last Saturday; I gave her a simple sentence at three in the afternoon. “ <enter officemate’s name here>, sino yang katabi mo?”

I was shocked with her shocking reaction. She jumped up from her seat and think of those scared people you see in the movies.

Yeah, she had the same reaction.


And I felt bad about it. I bought her ice cream after.

(of course, at the back of my mind. I’m still thinking of doing it again. But I won’t.)


~ by targrod on March 19, 2009.

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