Of the apol #

It is a great mystery on where we came from. Or on where certain things originate. That’s why legends or alamas err alamats are born.

And who do we usually get these “stories”? We usually get it from old people, from our grandparents, or from people who just don’t have anything to do with their lives. In short, they’re just bored.

Like us here in our home, we get bored too. So, here are (are sya pero dalawa lang naman talaga, so carry na din yun. Bwahahaha) a few “alamats” on the “alamat” of the Star Apple (buti hindi tagalong yung Star Apple, hindi ko alam kung papano yung tamang spelling ng kayimito e. Pero hindi important ito, parang libag lang yan hindi important.)

Here is my version:

There were two scientists who were walking and passed by a tree (yung tree na yan malamang puno na yan nung Star Apple Tree, duh.) The tree then talked to them… joke… One of the scientists blurted out, who is really a color blind person, that the tree is a different type of an apple tree. The other scientist then told his scientist friend, “I beg to disagree.” (sinabi nya talaga yun with full confidence, kahit tanungin mo pa siya) He told his friend that the fruits of the tree look like small planets from afar and gave an illogical explanation on small planets as stars and such.

Sometimes, scientists go cuckoo over simple astronomical things but this is not really part of the story and you’ll usually say this to a young-ling so logic is bypassed most of the time.

Now, an argument of two scientists is usually heated up and since ego is their thing, no one will probably lower themselves to the other. So, they kept on fighting while saying the words, “Star yan!” and “Apple yan!” And eventually it ends up as “Star! Apple! Star! Apple!”

And then a by-passer passes by (duh) the two arguing scientists and finds out that the fruit of the tree is called a Star Apple.

This by-passer then wins the nobel peace prize and is now one of the most respected persons in the field of isaw or internal organ frying.

Now, my mom’s version is quite short and it is quite well, just off the ground. And it goes a little something like this.

If you all remember Hero Angeles (of the Sandara-Hero tandem), he used to be Star Circle’s talent before (duh, may past tense na nga na involved e, sinama pa yung before, sheeesh.) Now, one strand of his hair fell down inside the channel two grounds and then after a few days a small plant grew.

Now, during these few days, Hero was fired by channel two or his contract wasn’t renewed (whatever you want to believe) and then Charo Santos Concio informed the people that since the plant grew inside the grounds of channel two the fruit of that tree shouldn’t be named as Hero Apple (since the fruit really looks like an apple from a weird sort of distance.)

And she finally told every one that it should be named after the TalentCenter, that’s why it was named as Star Apple.


(Sarap ng Star Apple e. Woo-hoo! Ma-dagta nga lang. Pero carry na din.)

~ by targrod on March 22, 2009.

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