Of the brodtsong #

Ack. I missed last Tuesday’s Broadway-oke. Dang.

I am actually a supporter of broadway musicales as my mom had a great love for the field. I grew up watching Annie and the Sound of Music.

(yes, this is one of those boring entries. Hehehe.)

I may not be familiar with recent broadway songs but I can sure belt out (uy, joke lang yan a. hum lang. hanggang hum lang ang kaya ko.)

Here is the probable list that I might take a look at:

–         South Pacific’s Happy Talk

–         Little Shop Of Horror’s Little Shop Of Horrors (how redundant)

–         Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (o, redundant na naman!)

–         Singin’ In The Rain’s Singin’ In The Rain (stttrrrriiikkke three!!!)

–         Cabaret’s The Money Song (actually gusto ko lang manood tapos may sasayaw dun sa kanta ala Batch ’81)

–         Annie’s Batumbakal… hahaha… ang korni… Annie’s Tomorrow

–         Fiddler On The Roof’s If I Were A Rich Man (if you would remember a few years ago where Gwen Stefani used some parts of the song into her song, basta ganun)

–         The King And I’s Getting To Know You and Whistle A Happy Tune (though I really don’t remember kung nandun ba talaga yung whistle, nag wiki lang ako kanina to verify the titles of the song e.)

–         Mary Poppin’s A Spoonful of Sugar and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (pambata syempre at yun ang patok!)

–         Funny Girl’s If A Girl Isn’t Pretty and People (gusto ko lang din panoorin itetch, duh. Barbra yan chong, Barbra… Tengco.)

–         Oliver’s Where Is Love and I’d Do Anything (now, si Jay-z naman ang gumamit dun sa kantang I’d Do Anything, sounds naughty noh?)

–         Jesus Christ Superstar’s uhm… I know a handful of songs from this musicale. Every holy week we would watch this film.

–         And The Sound Of Music’s duh… hello?


Now, when’s the next Broadway-oke?

And yeah!! High School Musical songs too! Woohoo!

I do wish Twilight went to the musicale genre. It would’ve been awe-o-some!

(bukas. try kong sumaya. parang hitik na itlog. ano daw?)


~ by targrod on March 24, 2009.

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