Of the Ffs #

I’ve been watching dosages of Jimmy Fallon lately and up until now something is really missing.

The “stand-up” joke part needs a lot of work, sketches usually fall short, and he talks too much (?). He talks too much in a sense that he has to explain the punch line of the joke using it as segue way to the next scenario or whatnot.

He needs some trademark to save the stand-up part. We all know that David can do some crazy sound or just be witty. Jay saves that part by being green and doing the old-school stand-up (the one with the tigidig-tss). And Conan can make visually funny actions and he’s good at exaggeration.

But Jimmy, he mumbles a lot.

Now, the sketches, you have to put people who are really funny even if they are not doing anything funny.

And yeah, people are not that stupid. As I’ve said you don’t have to explain the punch line, we get it. Let’s move on.

I’m not complaining, I’m just comparing… and I miss that read headed guy. And I will be missing Jay-walking soon.


Facebook is just heating up in the Philippines. A lot of people are getting addicted with the applications and it is quite understandable.

I used to be in that same bright spot before. I was able to spend nights playing Texas hold ‘em. I was able to join stupid groups. And I had a lot of other stuff. And then, I grew tired of it.

Thank God.

(again, this is no really interesting. No interesting kwentos here. You can now move on and watch Cristy-perminute.)


Don’t you just hate Yahoo mail where they’re trying to do a gmail? And probably Friendster too (tangna, may nagfe-friendster pa ba?) who is trying to do a facebook (actually noon pa ito, pero who cares. Kiss ma-ass.)

These sites should learn, people always go for something new. If you’re just going to give us that same old crap (or a coffee-cat) then people will really get tired of your shit. Look at what’s happening to the mini-blogging world. It is blooming to some parts in our country and Twitter is really a hit in the U.S.

I’m betting at the fourth quarter of this year, people might do more mini-blogging.

Or not.

(I swear. It really is time-consuming. Though it is a great site to check up on your friends, etc. blech.)

~ by targrod on March 27, 2009.

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