Of the ran #

It ain’t Kurosawa’s movie y’all. Hehehe.


Picking up something new during the summer or even from an unknown reason (probably one the “fuck it” reasons that you might encounter) is a good thing.

… most of the time.

Obviously, you don’t have to do some sicky or kinky vices. You always go for something that would help your health. Like kwek-kwek binging, male-nipple biting or even slap-the-wrist. The last one is non-sensical, like life.

I know a lot of people right now who are into photography, swimming, and badminton-ing.

And I chose to choose (insert smiley here) running. Not just for today or for this month but probably for as long as I’m willing to run and if I’m still enjoying it.

It was quite fantabolous when I told my momma about this:

Me: Ma, tumatakbo na ko.

Momma: E bakit mo naman papahirapan ang sarili mo?

Me: A… e… parang pag-ibig lang naman yan, pahirap…

(the last line was not part of our conversation…)

Now, all sports or hobbies always have a goal and probably my goal for today is to at least have a good stamina and to make my heart better.

And also, since I bought new shoes (you have to wear running shoes if you’re planning on taking up this sport), I told myself that I have to run the number of times that I should have a breakeven whenever I am playing bowling. Or something like that…


I am thanking my officemate and the new group I’m in, the running bananas (oh, you might not want to know why they are called running bananas. I’ll tell you personally why they are named like that, but not here). These fine fellas welcomed me as if I was their long lost girlfriend. Or something like that… again.

I just had my third run last Thursday. I am currently injured with my left knee and I’m planning to run on Tuesday and on Thursday (in Ortigas).

By the way, we are running in Ultra during Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 in the evening. Though I’m not sure if they’ll be extra happy if I bring in hordes of my friends who wants to run (though they might like it… hopefully…)


Zzzz… stretched…


~ by targrod on April 4, 2009.

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