Of the t-tops #

More geeky or nerdy stuff updates for today…

First off, drop by http://www.newworlds.ph for some fun fun fun prizes for a Fast and the Furious 4 contest. You have to drop by to the site if you want some Vin Dee-Dee Shell or Michelle Van Eimeren Roberto Rodriguez stuff.

No, they are not going to guest on CoolCenter and you won’t get any of their signed clothing on the show.

And yes, you are only going to get some F & F 4 (or Final and Fantasy 4 or Fantastic and Four 4, duh) stuff in the site. I don’t feel like joining, but if you want some pree, free, fri stuff then taralets na, let’s join us.

(this advert is not paid by any of the new world’s management… hehehe.)


Now, I should’ve posted this last Friday but since I am so lazy, yeah…

So, earlier we dropped by again at Open Gaming Meet (or OGM, short for Oh God My…). This is a monthly… err… wait… I did post something like this weeks or months ago and I don’t it is necessary for me to explain crap again and again and again.

If you’re interested in playing board games, if you are bored and wearing board shorts, then drop by OGM, the website is: http://www.TabletopWars.com

I feel like posting something like this for today since I won (yey) a game called Burn Rate, the dot-com card game.

(Wala lang) It feels like I want to share to the world that I won something recently since I bought another game in Landes the other day, Scene It! TCM edition.


I still don’t have anyone to play with with that Scene It! Game.

If you’re familiar with Scene It (and it is not your crotch my dear), then you’d like this edition if you are a ‘classic movie’ lover. And yes, I am calling all those movie lovers to play me… err… play with me.


And from here on, I’ll be posting what I’ve tried in OGM (and this will make you bored out of your wits, so beware.)

I played A Game Of Thrones.

And that’s it.


Seriously, it is like a military game based from a novel. It took us three hours to play it but it can be learned by every one including those who love F4 and loves to put garbanzos in their halo-halo.

And yes, it is fun! So, again, taralets na! Let’s join us!

(what a useless thing to say…)

~ by targrod on April 4, 2009.

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