Of the origins #

The powers of the Internet ‘have stroke’ errr… strikes (?) again. This time in a form a fabolous spin-off that most comic geeks (or geeks in general) have been waiting for.

If you happen to drop by those dvd stalls (the one that is pirated), you’d probably see some dvd covers with Hugh Jackman’s face on it. The one where he exactly looks like one of the X-men characters…

Yeah! That one where he looks like Storm… Sheesh.

So, if you’re really out of the loop a so-called copy of the X-men: Origins leaked out of the torrent world. Probably by one of the people behind the post-production team (duh).

Background first with what is currently happening with the case. You can check out updates on wiki or imdb for the latest news on who’s the real culprit. The FBI has been hunting down who leaked the almost made movie in the Internet. There were reports that this was done due to some people who hate the Fox people. Yeah, people are people.


Okay, here’s a review (I’m such a bastard neh? In fact, some employee of the Fox website or something like that, created a review of the film. Guess what. He was fired from his work. The movie is gonna be shown on the first week of May. You do the Math.)

Basically, Wolverine is the most exciting x-men character next to spiderman or even blankman… oh wait… I did say an x-men character… uhm… make it the wonderful emo world of Cyclops. Moving on…

And since Wolvie’s character is really colorful, they made a movie out of it.

And despite the film is just ninety percent finished, it is still awesome.

C’mon, there’s Hugh Jackman without HalleBerry or even Ian Mckellen. They’ve added new actors with the likes of the one who plays Sabretooth (I really can’t remember his name), a funny guy that can never be, for me, look serious Ryan Reynolds (who was Deadpool in the movie), and Will.I.Am (of the famous group, Milli Vanilli. Duh.)

There is probably one silly thing in the movie **spoiler alert**, the superhuman villain that they fought at the end. It was really silly. It was like Thanos with six of the gems all over again (this is an Infinity Gauntlet reference by the way).

And was that Emma Frost?

Oh yeah, Gambit!


I want to watch this in the big screen…


~ by targrod on April 7, 2009.

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