Of the province #

I have a hunch that we’ll be going to my mom’s province for five years or so. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to go back there. Mainly, we don’t have any direct relatives left, except for my mom’s aunt who is ninety-four years old already. Other than that, there are a few cousins of my mom and it can still be a reason.

But of course, the purpose would probably be gone in case my lola passes away (if you’re not familiar with me and death, I say death so easily.)

In case this happens, I’d probably miss a lot of things.

I want to come up with a top ten with this but let’s do the usual bullet point story. And at the same time, this is like selling our province in San Miguel, Bulacan.


It would be really nice if this place is developed for tourism. I’ve been to Bohol and I’ve been to Lipa, and you’d be amazed at the tourism in these places.

You’re probably going to ask me on what you’ll be able to see in San Miguel. For one, if you’re familiar with the movie, Itim, then that house in the film is just right across our house. I’m fairly sure that this house is owned by the De Leon’s.

If you’re going jologs then, back track for a few years and if you remember Claudine Baretto and Carlos Agassi’s soap, it was also shot near the San Miguel church. I am again fairly sure that this is a real government place.

Then, there are three churches in that area (I’m not sure if there are more than I know of). There’s the big church of San Miguel (if you’re familiar with the story of the devil and San Miguel then you’ll see a statue of him with the sword), and minor churches, San Jose and San Vicente.

San Miguel has a high level of history since the Spanish occupied this area (much more the rest of Bulacan, I think.) Now, Good Friday is the best day to go here since we have a parade of ‘big karwahe’. Most (or few) of it are more than a century old. One of it is near our house, The Last Supper. (there are of course stories behind these but I just have to get the facts straight first before saying anything about it).

Now, this parade contains a total of forty karwahe(s) showing various saints and stations and any other religious figure. It is not considered a party since it should be solemn. It is awesome since they do this at night and you’ll see the various karwahe(s) with lights, etc.

If you happen to be in Baliuag, then you’d probably see eighty of these. Though it all started in San Miguel and I have to be biased here. Hehehe.

Lastly, the sweets will be always awesome in our area. If you’re familiar with the Sevilla sweets then, hello, this is where they originated (I’m fairly sure of this one, I’m just too tired to verify this to my mom mainly because it is four in the morning). If you’re familiar with pastillas de leche and other pastillas made goodies then this is the right place for that.

And yeah, mangoes too! Awesome mangoes.


~ by targrod on April 10, 2009.

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