Of the led #

I originally thought of doing a http://www.urbandictionary.com entry or something like creating a program and doing some nonsense programming (dinga?)

I ended up proclaiming the day as “Legally Emo Day” or Legalemda or simply L.E.D. (how electrical err how electronic!)

It was sort of different this year. It felt like I would like to cry. It felt sooo emo with a reason. It was not angst since I’m not angry. It was just that plain old shitty emo.

(being emo wasn’t actually that old, kelan lang yan e.)

And as the day encompasses (aaaa… hayfaluting word yan, ultimo ako hindi ko alam ibig sabihin nyan e) or as the day is hourly moving, it was kind of different.

It felt so good that the day is extraordinarily magical.

Case in point, a few well-wishers who were still awake last night. Thank you.

The early morning greeters, who greeted me of course… Thank you.

The pain free driver’s license application courtesy of the LTO employees and the servidoras of some restos and fast food chains who maintained cheerfulness all throughout the day. Thank you.

And to all the beerkadets, officemates and ex-officemates, choirmates, college friends, geeks, php family, plurkfriends, relatives, and my family… Thank you.

(oh God, I do hope I didn’t miss anybody. In case it is the case, thank you.)

And thanking God of course… Thank you.


This is the first time I’ve gone really appreciative of things (living and non-living). I’d really want to cry but no cameras were rolling so let’s save it for a rainy day…

It is oh so fun to live.


~ by targrod on April 16, 2009.

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