Of the sly #

I’ve read somewhere, probably from a friend, that someone made a remembering of Arnold Swardernerber… Swatcheewatchee… uhm… yeah.

Now, when I went to Robinson’s yesterday I happen to chance upon a great eighties action hero, and his name was wain… oops… and his name was Sylvester Stallone.

If the Rocky series was shown today, it would probably still hit. Right? I mean, if there aren’t any boxing movies made and shown. It is the next best thing to men who cry during basketball championships. Men would really want to watch this drama, despite it being drama. With the simple storyline of a boxer, as people love dramatic storylines of professional athletes or athletes (including athlete’s foot) in general.

Dash why The Wrestler made its rounds last year in the cinematic ring…

Going back to Sly (it should be Syl kasi hindi logical yung Sylvester tapos Sly yung nick nya, e di dapat Slyvester na siya), as I’ve said, I was able to catch one of his movies and the title of it is Rambo.

At first, I ignored the movie. I mean, who wouldn’t? Come on, tell me… would you still watch the original Rambo series (you’d probably say yes and you’d probably tell me that it is for nostalgia purposes. So, good for you…)

(for obvious reasons, there is a follow-up to the previous paragraph and here it is… hehe)

After minding my own business for a few minutes, I’ve decided to watch the movie since it is in its kick-ass action glory. And I didn’t know that the scenes made were absolutely funny.

The bullet-tipped arrow made the movie entertaining. It is probably understandable that Rambo’s arrows can make vehicles explode but shooting it in a person while he is running is something… really… funny.

So, tell me, a big-muscled ape person can be good with archery too? Rrrriiggghhhttt.

And what’s up with spending all your armalite’s bullets over stacks of filing cabinets and paper works?

There is such a thing called gasoline and fire. They should’ve at least copied it in Apocalypse Now, “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning…”


And this is a new direction for movies this year… let us all watch Sly’s old films.

(at parang ang haba na naman ng sinulat ko…)

~ by targrod on April 16, 2009.

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