Of the halo4 #

I was able to catch the episode wherein Manny is in Tmz. It was nice that he is considered a celebrity in the U.S. and the monicker “the People’s Champ” is sticking.

And of course, you’re expecting some ass-hole comment from the group and they only came up with Manny should have a bbq grille advertisement.

“But he’s not retired.” One of the Tmz people said.

If they only knew the issues that they can dig with Manny’s life. It would be oh so awesome.

But who wants to kill his own?

Let’s leave the bashing to the Caucasians to the non-Asians.


People are raving on this new Brit, Susan Boyle. Let me see, first was Paul Potts then her.

I’m expecting a short fuse on her limelight.

No, really.


Playoffs is starting folks! I am currently having a vigil for my team, the Boston Celtics. KG is out and it would be uber sad if they won’t get a back-to-back championship win.

Everybody’s betting on a Cavs-Lakers battle but i’ll still stick with the Celtics.

Yeah, a longshot.


The Internet is the real medium.

See what happened with the cat killer. A simple, ignorant, stupid blog post paved way for his unneeded celebrity status not just in the Internet but also in the news (ang swerte ng local news sa ganito since it would be easy for them to get the facts kasi it is all over the Internet).

So, the next time you write regarding confessions on things and shit, be aware that you are writing this for the world (despite you telling people that you’re just writing that for yourself, well that is stupid.)


~ by targrod on April 21, 2009.

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