Of the foundation #

Almost exactly or exactly almost eight months ago my dad took home a lonely turkey. Alive of course! And our home is going to start the domestication of a “domesticated” bird.

It was lonely of course. So, it was decided to bring in the pair.

And it was awesome.

Whatever you see in those triple-x films (I am very well sure that I’ll be hearing, “What triple-x films?), you won’t see it done by the turkey couple.

They just did an ordinary missionary copulation.

Yeah, boring, I know.

After some day to day copulation, they have finally made a special event in their lives.

Eggs came out of the father turkey… uy, joke lang (who’s going to believe that)… out of the mother turkey and right now there is only one existing survivor…

And we need your help… badly… come and join us with:


We need help from you fast. Be it in monetary or in item. As most foundations out there who scams people, our foundation gives you something that is completely different with them.

As the founder of this foundation, you know me and that is the only difference with our foundation against the con foundations out there.

So, what do you get in return? A simple task of giving your name for the little turkey tutoy.

If there are five donators out there then the little turkey tutoy might be named as John Paul George Ringo Junior… that simple.

But wait there’s more, in case we cook eggs from the mother turkey, like what we did a few months ago, you’ll get to taste some wonderful fresh turkey eggs and you’ll tell yourself, “I’m eating the brother or sister of John Paul George Ringo Junior…”


Our foundation is also aware of the current status of people, the Internet, and the blogging of the killing of animals. We are apologizing in advance if ever we offend people.

Turkey eggs anyone?

~ by targrod on April 29, 2009.

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