Of the uhm #

The most awesome-est thing in showbiz right now is the Agoncillo-Santos wedding…


Yeah, they got married yesterday and it was a “secwet”.

No, really?

Yeah, they did get married in Batangas. It was really a secret and the awesome parts are:

–         It is a secret.

–         They fooled most people because they told everyone that the vows will happen on May.

–         The invitation was vague (I believe they used a slipper as an invitation.)

–         They did it in Batangas where the people in that town didn’t even know that there is a “power-couple” getting married there. And it was smart of them to do that because in case it is leaked to any of the major stations, it will take them hours just to get there, as most tv stations are based in Quezon City. Though Batangas is easily accessible too, especially if you make byahe there early.

–         To those people around them who have/has a low EQ, they didn’t know what hit them.

–         Juday looked pretty during that day.

–         And did I say that the matrimony is a secret?

I’m not really a fan. Really! I just happen to love their idea of a wedding… private and intimate. They didn’t have to invite a people that they didn’t know. And hindi sila nagpapansin unlike other couples who have to invite the whole village (including the fishing village and the village people) to witness their wedding.

Hello? They went there for the food noh.

I haven’t read the whole story yet but if I’m right, it’s good. Good luck guys.

(yihee. Ang showbiz.)


In a related story, the NBA…

Pootangna, most of the matches are really good.

I won’t be talking about the Lakers, kasi nandun na si Kobe. And Utah is meh.

I won’t be talking about the Mavericks, kasi wala si Ginobili sa Spurs. Duh.

I won’t be talking about the Cavs, kasi wala na yung astig na Pistons.

Regarding Orlando, I’m hoping the Magic would at least move on to the semi-finals. I have no great argument here. I just want to see Hedo and Dwight move pass the Sixers. If I remember it correctly, wala pa yatang hardcore places ang Magic ever since the Penny-Shaq days. (hindi ako sure. Hahaha!)

I am for the Heat… dahil kay coach. I’m not too keen with Dwayne. Basta, I want them to move kasi kababayan natin yung coach.

I will always be a Houston fan ever since the Olajuwon-Drexler era.

Now, for the Boston Celtics… losing in a double OT at game four is a heartbreaker and I was surprised to see that they won two points in OT. I know KG is a big factor here and I’m not saying that the Celtics would stay on at the end but I know, if you are a basketball fan, you have to watch these OT games. Fantabolous. And nabasa ko na two missed free throws ang ginawa pala ni Brad Miller. Bwahahaha. And I didn’t even know na nasa Chicago na pala si Brad.

And the best story of the day, New Orleans lost big against the Nuggets. It must have been a humbling experience for their main man, Chris Paul.


Galing kong mag-semi anchor ng news noh? Bwahahaha!


~ by targrod on April 29, 2009.

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