Of the Cyrus #

First off, I needed this trip.

Second off, I really enjoyed this trip with you guys, sa uulitin.

Third off, and these are my new learnings. Isn’t Baguio the shizzit?


First day learnings:

–         Always bring a movie or movies that would make you awake and it should be long. Ours was Oro, Plata, Mata. Suggestions for this would be the Lord of the Rings trilogy or a Robin Padilla marathon (who wouldn’t want to watch this guy’s movies?)

–         Always bring tea. Make it hot. Like me.

–         BurnhamPark will always be crowded. If you want warmth then this is the right place for you.

–         Strawberries are hard to find at night. Don’t get too excited with strawberries, you’d never know that you’re the only person in the house who’ll eat it.

–         Café by the Ruins is a resto / café where you have to look for the ruins first before eating there. They have nice food and if you’re planning to do something crazy there, plan it well because a person doing it out of her (read: her) system would make things suspicious and might make the “surprise” a “fail”. Hehehe.

–         Buy marshmallows and wine and cheese for the late night chismisan.

–         Marshmallow by the bonfire is awesome and be sure not to burn all the logs in the fireplace. You wouldn’t know if you’ll still be getting new logs for the succeeding days that you’ll stay.

Second day learnings:

–         If Koreans gave us Korean movies then Baguio is the right place for Korean sightings. Thank you Korean invasion! Kawaii errr… (that’s Japanese!)

–         Strawberry taho makes a person smarter and it increases memory. Thanks to our taho vendor, he was able to show his skill to us by remembering us for three days. He the man!

–         Volante Pizzeria is a nice and cheap place for pizza. It is just across Don Henrico’s on Session Road.

–         Boating costs sixty or eighty bucks per thirty minutes. The water is not mapanghi.

–         Always use Session Road as your reference point. Leaving the girls lead the way is not a nice idea. It leads you nowhere. (Revenge!)

–         Internet is already part of our lives; you can’t leave home without it. More so, Sun Cellular internet is not working in Baguio, despite the fact that Baguio is nearer to the sun (oh yeah!)

–         You cannot live life without Sm Baguio. They got it all for you.

–         Forest House is one hell of a fine dining experience. Good food (bagnet!) and good music. The house wine is cheap (around 200 bucks for the cheapest). And be sure that your friend takes a dump at home before doing it there. The C.R. sucked. Sorry.

–         Always talk to the opposite sex regarding love, life, and relationships. You’ll be enlightened for sure.

Third day learnings:

–         Breakfast is nice if you’re just going to eat it.

–         You can do take outs too. We got Carlos of Carlos pizza to do this for us. The food is quite expensive. Yeah.

–         Baguio time also stopped during the Manny-Ricky fight.

–         Strawberry Farm is huge compared to the last time I went there. And everything was wet, don’t forget to wear closed shoes and bring umbrellas too while Chris Brown is beating the hell out of the singer who sang Umbrella.

–         Baguio markets are ftw. They don’t smell and you’d be able to buy lemon grass, Spanish tomatoes, and marble tomatoes here.

–         You don’t have to hurry if you think you’re going to miss the best ube in Baguio. Nice Shepherd (or Good Shepherd for the common tao) is now open up until six in the evening.

–         Mine’s ViewPark has been hounded literally. Aside from your usual pink kabayo and buko pandan flavored krinkles, you’ll be seeing St. Bernards as new attractions. Ten to fifteen bucks per pic.

–         Chowking is the only air-conditioned place in Sm Baguio. You’d be surprised that all taxi-cabs’ aircon are all broken. Sad.

Fourth day learnings:

–         Nothing much. All were too wasted to do anything. We left Baguio early, actually. (this last one feels a little bit of fragment and kung anu-anong shit.)


And doing vacations for four days is ftw. Three days officially suck.


~ by targrod on May 5, 2009.

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