Of the Cyrus2 #

Baguio is the best place to enhance your supernatural mind. That is one of the reasons why I enjoyed my stay there, recently. And the fun-nest part of it is that you cannot just enjoy the experience alone, you get to experience it with your friends or whoever is with you).

And the best-est thing above everything else is to hide the supernatural experiences away from your friend who you know would panic (ever) her hearts out (or whatever the term is.)

Given the picture shown above, you’d probably say that “Omg, such beautiful and gorgeous human beings in print!” But, if you looked a little bit closer (you don’t need a magnifying lens, silly you), you will probably notice the image of the fire. I personally thought of this as an image of Christ. Others say that there is a man or whatnot. So, I asked my personal supernatural person, my mom, and she told me that that is a little boy.

So there…

And don’t forget the haze at the bottom of the picture, that too is weird since the camera stood at the top of the sofa and there aren’t any lightings in that area.


Of course, it doesn’t stop there. We have stories too…

The first day was probably the Ghostbuster-worthy day. There were two or three instances of ze supernatural experience.

Number one is the room, the one with the door shown above, near the fireplace. Fact is the moment we stepped in Baguio, the cool breeze automatically entered our loins. Ergo, all the rooms in that house should be cold. And I entered the room to check which room is best to take and lo and behold, the room is really hot. You might say that the room is “kulob”. But, there are two windows opened that time, so it might be just me missing Manila or I’m probably really hot as a person (channeling Paris Hilton…)

Number two is just a paper bag toppling over, which is nearly impossible because how would a paper bag just topple over unless there is a paradigm shift in that certain area and location that was affected by the universe. In this case, yeah right.

And number three is the best since there are two of us who experienced it at the same time. We just got up from our tea time and I was the last person to leave the table. I was three steps away when I hear a *blag* and I turned around and saw the mantel down on the floor along with the cellphone. Now, this one is really weird since we all know that if you use a cellphone as a “pabigat”, you’ll automatically say that the mantel wouldn’t fall. Well, in this case, it fell. (enter theme song: if I fell in love with you, would you promise to be true…)

So, out of instinct, before the day ended, I offered a simple prayer and asked this entity (probably the little boy) that we would just borrow the house for the weekend.

And it stopped.

In a related story, one of our friends (yes, this is you Abbey) got the “I’m gonna be sick” feeling.

So, I told my mom about this and there are three possibilities why she felt it. She might really be sick due to change of weather. The little kid might be pulling her high aura. Or her spirit must be really down and in turn, the little kid might, again, be pulling her aura.

I guess praying really helps in times like these.

So, what I did was, before leaving the house on our last day, I lighted a candle. And my mom informed me that I should’ve lighted incense instead. I should take note of this.

Lastly, there was another instance with Praaannsesss, about their room but she’s not really keen in making kwento this to us. Boo!


Our driver, Archie, slept there before and he told us that they had experiences too.

One was a two-hour wait on just to open the main door. They made paalam and it automatically opened. *voila*

And another was… uhm… I forgot.


Lastly, this is not really related to any crap written above but you might as well see Baguio’s version of a sosyal na cellphone…

~ by targrod on May 5, 2009.

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