Of the third5 #

Eighty percent oldie movie time… Eh?


He’s Just Not Into You (or He’s Not Just Into You, I know I know the title is magulo.)

Summary: It is about the lives of people who give the story of relationships, whatnots, and kung anu-anong shit. Some ended up good and some, well, ended up alone.

Why you have to watch it: The story can really relate to our times despite the different setting (it is up to you, if you would adjust their story to yours.) And of course, the all-stellar cast that includes Justin Long and that girl who was in Mona Lisa Smile and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton. And yeah, there are other sikat na artistas too. You know them if you see them, I know you do.

Why not: Ang Tunay Na Lalaki hindi nanonood ng chick flick.


Summary: This is a story of a mayamang millionaire who created something “vicious” against a hairdresser who is the churva of this millionaire’s ex-wife. The millionaire is kinda jealous of the situation, that’s why he kinda revenged it all with hairdresser.

Why you have to watch it: Thank God I was able to catch the original version, the one where the millionaire was Lawrence Olivier, as the remade with Jude Law sucked big time. This is one of the few movies where you’ll see Michael Caine as kawawa. Good acting. Promise.

Why not: The movie is quite long. If you want the quick version then I suggest you watch the remade that was out last year.

The Way We Were

Summary: A love affair between two different people. It stars Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford White errr yeah, another punchline.

Why you have to watch it: If you are a Barbra fan then this is all for you. It is quite old but it is timeless and don’t you love sad semi-endings?

Why not: Inuulit ko, Ang Tunay Na Lalaki hindi nanonood ng chick flick.


Summary: Hilda Koronel (tama ba?) stars in this drama about the pains of a pretty woman living in the slums.

Why you have to watch it: I don’t know. If you love watching hardcore drama and you still want to see the young Rex Cortez then be my guest. Seriously, this is depressing.

Why not: As I’ve said, the movie was depressing.

Oro, Plata, Mata

Summary: The story of a family who suffered and endured the pains of life before, during, and after the Japanese era.

Why you have to watch it: The clothes and the setting they are in; The sex scene inside the shoe; The finger-cutting scene; The blow the shotgun on your wife scene; The part where they had to leave the house with matching fire on the background; Mitch Valdez’s breasts with matching sex talk with Cherie Gil; The Mah-jong scene, post bullied by the guerillas; The death of the guerillas scene featuring the undead-able bidas; The brain-popping scene; and the post-Japanese occupation scene where they went back to their usual selves. Sabi nga nung isa dun, “Ang digmaan talaga ang nagpapabago sa isang tao.”

Why not: Ronnie Lazaro’s penis.


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