Of the la-lang #

Five days na ang nakalipas pero ngayon pa lang ako magre-react about this.


Eherm… I mean left hook.

It had been oh-so-awesome not just for Manny but for our country for representing not just himself but the whole Filipino population.

As you’ll all say, we are proud to be Pinoys.

So, I immediately bought a copy of Time, The World’s Most Influential People issue.

Manny is included in the top 100 (woohoo) along with Joaquin Guzman, a druglord and Zac Efron, a supot actor.

He’s not supot! And how did you know that this guy is supot? Anywayyy…

Manny’s one page article, as opposed to Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Palin sharing one page, made by Lennox Lewis is quite interesting:

“…I can surely see Manny becoming the Philippine President one day.”


If you’re familiar where Manny came from, his roots should be ‘from General Santos’ and if you’ve listened to the bout last Sunday, it was kind of different.

A bashing boxer budding to be a politician…

Not a nice thing to hear noh? B is not for a politician.

Wait, pwede pala ang Barangay Captain.

Though, Lewis made bawi by saying:

“In fact, he already ran for Congress in the Philippines but lost, in part because voters thought he could do more for the country as an inspirational champion boxer. I agree with the Filipino people…”

Ayun, binawi naman pala.

And I agree to Lewis dun sa bawi niya.

Look what Jaworski gave us when he won for office. Or even Freddie Webb.

And if the trend continues, are we expecting Onyok, Donaire, or Viloria as politicians?



It is quite unfair for Manny too since someone is probably manipulating why he “wants” to be a politician.

E hindi naman sila ang nakikipag-basagan ng mukha para lang kumita ng limpak limpak na salapi and imagine the dollar-peso exchange rate decrease if ever Manny chooses to change those dollars to our currency.

Para siyang malupet na OFW niyan.


And here’s another, if you wanna make yabang be sure that you, at least, would have a high percentage of winning, or at least, extend the bout to round 12.

Here’s a tip, don’t fight the Mayweathers.

Gagawa lang ng pera yan.


And of course, Martin Martin Martin.

I have a simple hypothetical question, “Pag ikaw ba sinabihan na wag babaguhin yung kanta ng isang renowned artist tulad ni Ryan Cayabyab, makikinig ka ba?”

And bakit ba hanggang ngayon wala pa din nagsasabi kay Martin na panget yung last note niya.

He’s not in American Idol.

He should’ve done that for the country. The concept of a National Anthem is to make all the people under that country, sing with you, and not sing on your own.

Ako, lumaki ako, from elementary to high school singing that song every morning as a school requirement. Ang hindi ko sure kasi kung dito ba talaga lumaki si Martin sa Pinas.

We are losing our history fast. We are losing our identities.

We are not Americans, we are Filipinos, and we should not compare ourselves to them. Kahit na nag-iingles ako.

And ignorance of the law is not an excuse and whoever made sabit before regarding our national anthem then they should pay too.

Pakanta kasi kayo ng pakanta sa mga sikat na artists e.


And do I hear a “buti nga” to that guy who used the college population because he thought he’s gonna die or salvaged by some top people. Shame to you.


~ by targrod on May 7, 2009.

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