Of the fall #

Made two weeks ago… take two.


Random stuffed crusts…

So, it is officially official… A lot of people miss Conan on television.

I just don’t know why Jimmy is not working as of the moment. I know, if I remembered it correctly, that he cliqued with the Mtv people. (though I can’t remember him much on SNL, ewan ko lang kung bakit.)

He is more of a “bungisngis” interviewer. If you’re going to really watch his interviews with his guests, you’d say that “a lot of things lacking” during each interview.

That’s why they end up doing some cheap things in the show. Like perhaps playing Air Hockey or Wii with the guests is not enough.

“Kulang sa punchline.”

And as I’ve said, he is too much “bungisngis”. A good comedian does not have to laugh at all the jokes. We all know you’re trying to make a joke and give the audience a chance to understand the punchline first (if you are watching David, Jay, or Conan you’d know what I’m driving into. Kahit wala akong car.)

Placing a white sidekick that does not play instruments is sucky. It would be nice if he’ll be able to do some sidekick moments with one of the members of the roots, probably that drummer guy. The idea is not effective. Look at Max Weinberg or the bald guy from Canada or the African-american guy, they are effective and I don’t know why.

Are the jokes on that show being monitored in a way that the punchlines would be surely funny? It feels like that the writers have a “bahala na” attitude.

(kawawa naman si Jimmy, wala na nga siyang impact, wala pang impact ang mga jokes niya.)

Lastly, there are sketches there that need a lot of remodeling (kasi, hindi ko na alam ang right word for this).

There was this sketch where there was this lady who creates pies and there was a pie sniffer around who sniffs all the smell of the pie. And that’s it.

I was the one who was aching to watch this sketch, as the cringing effect was slowly creeping in throughout my body. (ang haba kasi nung sketch na yun. They should’ve at least cut the crap.


But you have to optimistic in a way too…

The show is not one hundred percent bad (mga 90 percent lang). There are a few things in there that makes the show more interesting.

There is a part where the audience shares the same things at the same time. And there is a part where the Roots would sing and invent lyrics at the same time.

But, as Conan and his group would probably say, give the show a break. It had been running for two months only and there might be hope… maybe years from now.


Dyosko, and that bit with Saved by the Bell suck. Hello, are they really keen on bringing back the characters from that show. Napakababaw. Wala lang.

Ibalik na lang nila yung lahat ng members ng movie na Stand By Me, makiki-reunion yung yumaong Phoenix.

At si Screech lang naman kasi yung importante sa show na yun.

~ by targrod on May 11, 2009.

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