Of the lalung #

Senseless is purely me.

Sensefull is like suspenseful but not really.


So, senselessness came and I thought a ting or thing or two while walking across Hobby Road.

This swine flu, you know the one with the flying pigs or pigs that started to fly, is still in me. I mean the idea of it exists.

As a fail joke of “Anong sakit ang makukuha mo sa lasenggo” having an answer of wine flu doesn’t really create an impact.

Much more on what I would probably write… below.

Like this.

Now, if you have been aware with the food pigs eat here in the Philippines you’d probably notice that they are practically cannibals or they eat their own without even knowing it.

You know… Rice pig or kaning baboy.

Is it possible that these pigs got sick by eating themselves?

The argument still remains as an argument since the idea of human cannibals is well… different.

You see, human cannibals aren’t brought in hospitals for arguments sakes. I mean, I can’t even tell you right now if there are sick human cannibals. But I know that they are still there and since they eat the human flesh then, probably, they are still healthy giving the idea of pigs eating pigs and creating the swine flu is just pure hullabaloo.

Now, I have a question, if you throw your tea (the one that you are drinking) or spill it in a tea plant, would you say that that is a cannibalteaism?


If I remember it correctly, there’s this episode of the X-files regarding this, I just don’t remember how the episode ended.

Only the chupacabra episode is the most memorable X-files episode for me. Even if that episode is just meh.


~ by targrod on May 11, 2009.

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