Of the wokies #

Dish wash written two weeks ago. Waw, ang tsipag.


Aside from the “your usual tv shows”, I also happen to watch “not so interesting shows” occasionally. (actually, this is not really interesting. This is more of a sharing-in-the-city. Much like what we’re doing most of the time in the Internet where we love to share things. As personal growth is more of globally personal nowadays)

Now, that’s nonsense.

Anyway, as I’ve stated, shows like these doesn’t really need to be watched as a whole. You don’t need to buy the whole series because you love to watch it. But you just have to sit down and catch it whenever you see it on screen.

And this is more of a subjective approach. As I have really been absent with the tv series world for the past three years already…


= Beauty and the Geek =

With the recent events that lead to geeks ruling the world, we might as well watch them on television. Silly as it may seem, the show gives us pairings of “beautiful” people with “intelligent” people and having weekly contests opposite per contestant.

The intelligent needs to learn fashion, courting, and being beautiful while the beautiful needs to learn science in general.

If there were a site named ‘Tunay Na Lalaki’ then the geeks would surely fail with ‘Tunay Na Geek’.

–         Ang tunay na geek walang pakialam sa kanyang kaanyuan.

The list will go on (c’mon sing with me ala Celine Dion) but that will require a new entry.


= Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew =

The Robot and The Butterfly being the only dance moves that I seriously know of (meaning: I don’t know how to dance), this is a good show to watch if you’re fond of You Got Served, Honey, and Pinoy movies in General.

I was able to catch an episode in the middle of the season where the Jabba Wookies did an amazing show and another one where they did a face off with the Asians and all I could say for that Asian group is…

Is it really usual for the defeated group to go Full Monty when they leave the stage? The girls of that group literally took of their jackets leaving the brassiere, white sports bra, and red pek-pek shorts (well, it was more of those 80’s shorts. See PBA in the 80’s. ‘nuff said.)

And I swear there were Pinoys in that show.


~ by targrod on May 11, 2009.

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