Of the ish #


I am still awake at this ungodly hour.

With Sweeney Todd (that I’ve seen for a million times errr thousand times) at the background (Depp version), I’m trying to compose myself so that I won’t be a bitch tomorrow.

I’m still trying to take away all the non-nice things for a few of my “workmates”. Here’s the thing, I’m planning to give them an advanced Christmas gift; a big box of responsibility, a little bit of sensitivity, or a case of maturity.

I’m not saying I’m this omniscient person because I just said those things. It is just that these kids don’t know that they are starting to make headaches of people around them and if I remember it exactly, I did made an email to one of this uhm… person (?) and look where this person is right now.

He made fun of my letter by reading it aloud in front of the other workmates putting me in a bad light.

Apparently, this person needs the B word too (oh, I don’t need to say that word).

I’m not concerned to these people; I’m just concerned with two things, my work and those people who are concerned with these few people.

I just missed those times when people cared…

The workplace is becoming a babysitter-place.


I’m loving the NBA.

It feels like this league has come between the WWE and the UFC.

Miss Toyota-Crispa games? Not anymore…


And about Pacquaio’s plan to run for congress.


I have a few questions.

Is he really running for congress? Congressmen pass bills, what is he going to create?

In case he wins for congress and all his money from boxing goes to the “people”, where would he get the money after?

Did you feel his win in terms of “Manny winning for the Filipino people”?

I was trying to comprehend on why he has all these wealth and I wasn’t able to get news if he helped people in General Santos, say the time when he started to win big bucks.

Oh, just some ideas running inside my head.


I’m sorry. I am much more excited with Angels and Demons rather than Star Trek.

I have this thing about starting things and I’m sure I haven’t seen the original Star Trek series or even most of the movies (I’ve only seen one, the one before this one). And I can’t even remember the plot or the storyline of that movie.

Well, I will still watch Star Trek because people are saying it is good.

And John Cho and Simon Pegg is in that movie… so, why not chocnat.


Running later.


~ by targrod on May 13, 2009.

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