Of the ho-humers #

This is the right time to release all videos…

Mr. Hayden Kho, please take out all the videos from your computer.

Burn it in a disc.

Or upload it in youtube.

Or even broadcast it on national TV.

I know, and all of those concerned with the most important issue that is happening in our country today, that we have to watch it.

Please please please…

Show us the Vicky Belo – Hayden Kho scandal.


Come on.

Everyone needs to laugh once in a while.

Actually, the careless whisper and the second one, the one where Katrina’s holding two bright balls (go figure), are pretty funny…

Reality is really funny…

And brain-empty artistas…

And narcissistic doctors…


And of course, there’s the idea of chauvinism regarding the recent scandal (nako… sawa na ko sa lecheng mga scandal na yan, enough already). But as I was baybay-ing along Cubao yesterday I saw this sign:


And I just said, “What the fuck?”

That is unfair to the male population.

There are two points in this sign. One, women can throw garbage in that area and two, well, discrimination…

And that’s all I can argue for now.


~ by targrod on May 23, 2009.

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