Of moh-HK #

It looks like this won’t end…

For two weeks pa siguro.

The HK scandal got weirder (?) or more interesting as more people are starting to say their two or feetee-cent worth.

First was the mom, I missed the interview. And I was so sad when this happened. O di ba naman, from what I heard the nanay daw was kind of… uhm… different.

She was blaming Cogie Domingo (tama ba?) and that Lolit Solis. So, why not blame her for bringing up such incredulous individual? Diba, as a parent you have to take responsibility kahit papano, and despite the son’s mature age, to do the right moral thing.

But apparently, it is the other way around.


Secondly (hehe), there’s the blind as hell belo who, as I may partially quote, “Hayden is a very nice person. He was brought up good kaya nga siya nag-doctor and he committed this thing for the first time, as people commit mistakes (or somekindalikethat) too.”

Uh, right.

With people like these, who needs the… I’m lost with anything here actually so I just have to give a lame punchline… immoral club.


No really, that was really lame.


And offish, we’ve started a new generation of jokes…

– Bakit walang HK – Mahal scandal? It’s time to see some real action.
– Bakit walang HK – Aling Dionisia scandal? I think iniwan na ni Aling Dionisia yung boyfriend niya at gusto niyang magpa-belo na daw.


So, here’s a checklist of the HK scandals, in case you’re still lost in the confusion:

Careless Whisper video. (come on, you don’t know this? They’re going to show the Careless Whisper theatre version in pub… hehe… public na.)
Beautiful Girl video (the one where Katrina went patweetums. And I’m pretty sure the song was Beautiful Girl.)
The one with Katrina.
The one with the kaawa-awang ex.
The one with the Brazilian Model.

And, we really do have to start a petition for the one with the artista (as stated by Belo) and the one with Belo herself.

That makes it 5 triple X videos and we’re still waiting for the rest of the season, 35 episodes are still missing.

Are they going to do webcasts too ala The Office?

Or an Internet based movie (simple lang ito, use a laptop with a webcam instead of a real video camera) ala Dr. Horrible’s?


Should I make a promise to make this the last HK post? Uhm… c’mon, I’m still banking on the brouhaha.

– Did you know that the Book Ban was lifted?
– Did you know that some Pinoy won in Cannes?
– Did you know that there are a minimum of two Swine Flu case(s) in our country?
– Did you know that there are four teams left in the NBA playoffs?
– Did you know that the pretty boy singer of The Monkees is in town?
– Did you know that the Nokor’s launched a nuclear weapon the other day?
– And did you know that Leno is leaving and Conan is back?

Oh yeah, that makes two HK stories this week pala. Hayden and the one that came from Hong Kong… wala lang.


~ by targrod on May 26, 2009.

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