Of the dagirl #

So, something happened yesterday about a kid and her rants and raves about the different conventions in…uhm… yeah.

No, I can’t really put anything in anything right now. And there were two things bothering me (well, not actually bothered, I mean I really don’t care about her gripes in life):

  1. She loves to go to conventions. And that is plainly obvious. She loves anime, hence her Japanese remarks and kung anu-anong shit. But why is she looking for Anime in a New Worlds Convention? I mean come on, if you’re going to write some shit in the Internet, try to do some minor research before posting anything, unless if you’re going to set it in private. But wait, she did say that,

“Aging nerds who liked things like Star Trek, American comic books, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, sci-fi books, Lord of the Rings, Sandman & whatever ecclectic & eccentric American & western licensed clap-trap. The stuff they displayed were pretty nice though. And NO ANIME!”

Well. Duh. You just said it. That’s the whole story of the New Worlds Alliance.

And here’s a simple logic, if there is going to be a fart convention, are you expecting people to sell farts.


  1. This person needs a gripe in reality.

“The venue (the PolytechnicUniversity of the Philippines) itself is literally surrounded by filth & squalor. You have a squatter area, a garbage dump & a “riles ng tren” before you enter the “university grounds” itself where a stinking sewer-river is in its backyard garden pond. I suffered from a terrible bout of amoebiasis after attending my first & only visit to this so-called convention. Take my word, don’t attend any convention organized by PUP, unless they change their venue!”

Iha, ang pera hindi panghabambuhay yan. Whatever you have right now should be considered a blessing. When karma strikes back, I hope you won’t get it, it will really hit your Achilles heel. And nakakaawa lang yung naging pagpapalaki sa iyo ng magulang mo if you don’t see the reality around you.

3.      And lastly, it seems that she is just looking for attention. A blog with one entry only… Right.


O siya, tapos na ang drama. Pinagtanggol ko lang ang NWA. Oh yeah, baka kung ano pang chuvaklaan ang masabi sa kin, the site is http://irenecullen.multiply.com

Omaygad!!! Cullen!!! Ugh…


I’m thankful that I’m juvenile myself, imagine patulan ko ba naman ito… hahaha. Yan ang walang magawa.


~ by targrod on May 26, 2009.

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