Of the 3F #

I missed the French film fest this past weekend. I should’ve placed that in a note or something.

*Places a note in my planner regarding the remainder of the French film festival*

So, I checked the schedule and I believe I saw two fail-in-the-making. (this is not your jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a fail of agua…)

One, they’ll be showing The 400 Blows on Wednesday at three in the afternoon. Right, I have work. And they’ll be showing it on Wednesday only; I’m not sure if they’ve already shown it.

Second, Serbis will be shown this Friday. I am already 96.4% torrent DL for this movie. Oh well, I still have work during that day and I’d probably watch it in the office.

And probably Pi, Fargo, The Best of the Youth, and The Gleaners and I.


I don’t want to be mayabang with the following words that I’ll write down…

But self-check or self-evaluation in the office, should be, a must. Please don’t tell me words like, I don’t get why this boss is telling me I’m like this or I’m like that or I didn’t realize that people are seeing me that way.

I have my own faults and flaws too but I know what I’m doing not just now but even when I was a tee bit younger. And I expect those flaws to have a failing grade during evaluation.

Just because nobody is telling you what to do or what not to do doesn’t mean that everything that you’re doing is quite alright. If this is your first job, ignorance is still not an excuse.

And we love to complain a lot regarding the work we’re getting or the people around us but have you tried to look in a mirror and check if what you’re doing is right?

You always have two choices, either suck it all up or resign.


Libre lang ang common sense. Pramis.

(Woo. Yabang. Batukan kita dyan e.)


~ by targrod on June 7, 2009.

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