Of the Eighth5 #

S. Darko

Summary: It is the sequel to that hit cult film by Barrymore and the Gylenhalls, Donnie Darko. So, this is a story of Donnie’s sister, Samantha, hence the title S. Darko. (Yeah, Samantha Darko doesn’t sound that catchy and S. Darko is reeeeaaalllyyy catchy. Helllooo sarcasm.)

Why you have to watch it: Well, if you love sequels despite its sucky storyline, then this one is for you.

Why not: I have to admit this was quite a letdown. Sequels should be a sure fire hit and not experimental as people are expecting a lot. A lot of things are missing compared to DD. The storyline seems to be interesting BUT no new ideas or even an extended storyline of the Time Traveler’s book. It ended like a dud.

Four Rooms

Summary: A four-part story of a bellhop and the shenanigans that surround the hotel.

Why you have to watch it: A cult film, for my taste, where you’ll see a young Madonna, Antonio Banderas, and Quentin Tarantino. The silly mini-stories make this film quite a gem for me. Badass kids, weird sex fantasies of a couple, and an adaptation of an Eastern idea ala Yakuza is an ftw.

Why not: As I’ve said, it is silly. If you didn’t like Grindhouse, don’t watch this. Watch Joe Jonas dancing the All The Single Ladies video.

Angels & Demons

Summary: The prequel or the sequel (whatever they want to fucking call this film) or Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. I don’t have to explain anything. Read a book for God’s sakes. If you watch movies all your life, you’ll end up stupid.

Why you have to watch it: Basically it is a near visualization of the book. One of the obvious good points of the movie is if this is compared with the TDVC, this is surely better. It would be nice if they shot the scenes in Vatican City and yes, the hair. Tom Hank’s hair was nicer.

Why not: Not sure about this but it seems Ron Howard can’t pull it through. I was watching the entire film and there was no awe or anything. I didn’t feel myself going through the fun and fain este pain of Robert Langdon. I may be wrong, it is either Howard sees it this way or Brown is just a good storyteller.

Friday The 13th

Summary: One more Friday the 13th sequel. It tells the story of the origin of the anti-hero.

Why you have to watch it: NUDITY! SEX SCENES! GORE! LOL!

Why not: Leche, nakakasawa na ang NUDITY! SEX SCENES! And GORE! They keep on creating movies like this with too much sex and nudity that they’re forgetting that audiences are actually tired of this. Keep the sex part short and the suspense more minutes. Killing someone with a sword by piercing it on the head is not really amusing. Walang impact. The writers of this film should get some ideas from the people behind Hostel and Saw. Really. And they said this was a blockbuster film, I’d rather watch The House of Wax again (ay wait, pinanood ko lang sya dahil dun sa anak ni Jack Bauer.)

The Last House On The Left

Summary: A remake of the gruesome 1970 cult hit. It is about a girl who survived an almost brutal killing of her from bad people =)

Why you have to watch it: I may say that I was engaged with this film once the story picked-up. They wasted a lot of starting minutes but the story has to start there, probably they should get a few tips from the movie, The Devil’s Rejects. Anyhoo, I enjoyed this film with the simple idea of revenge or benjans. The gory part was awesome and that last scene was quite refreshing. And now, I want to watch the original.

Why not: As I’ve said, I didn’t like the first part but hey, you can’t win everything.

Special mention to Chariots On Fire (an old film regarding runners and being best of the best of the best of the best), Year Of The Dog (a stupid movie starring Molly Shannon. Fine, a serious movie), and Up (Is it really me or animated films aren’t helping my emo-ness? The last time a ter… tear dropped down my eyes was the time I watched Cars… carses!)


And Charade and Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past.


~ by targrod on June 9, 2009.

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