Of the 757 #

Change in here, left and right, hey!
One is Internet.
The other is in real life.


Multiply turned four-point-o!
Is it really good?
I do hope it does not suck.

And so it is fairly new.
The complaints are said.
Pips will get the hang of it.

If the change made went to fail.
Pips will go bye-bye.
Will look for a new home, boo!

And so, I hope in the end.
It goes all better.
Or else, I careless whisper.


Hay, parliamentary.
Why oh why oh why?
Head will sure be extended.

This is the real W.T.F.
Tax go bye bye bye.
We all sure say cry cry cry.


So, this is just an attempt.
And this is so hard.
And so I go, yo yo yo!


~ by targrod on June 10, 2009.

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