Of the cooker #

When you are in the office you get to do new stuffs (lol) and you also learn at the same time…

Or try to learn something for the nth time because you keep on forgetting some simple tasks that aren’t really connected with your work.

For example, popping the corn (because popping the popcorn is kinda redundant though popping the pimple is not).

I am so used to popping the corn at home setting it at three minutes every time I pop it (yeah, pop it!) Now, when I do the popping in the office (heh, now it sounds dirty), I always set it to three minutes and I always get burnt popcorn.

And just earlier, I burnt it again.

Note to myself: Pop it at two minutes or let your officemate do it for you because your IQ is not high for popping the corn.

And popping the Martin or Jomari is more interesting.


I’m not really a cook. I don’t cook advanced food. I’m familiar with the basics.

Basics include frying and cooking rice.

Earlier I took the task of cooking hotdog. No frying pan. No fire. (When we were preparing these, I was assigned with the popcorn too so you’ll see why those corns got pwnd.)

There were a lot of suggestions on how to cook the hotdog without using a frying pan. One obvious idea is to use the microwave oven. The biggest problem in using a microwave oven when cooking is it gets the food dried up or in Filipino, ‘matutuyot siya’.

Someone suggested that we cook it using the rice cooker adding water inside. I know we can cook using the rice cooker but I’m not quite satisfied with this one.

And eventually we tried cooking it using the oven toaster.

And it was successful like passing the board exams or reading all the four books of Twilight… err not really.

You just can’t control how you want to cook meat but it is hey okay.


Sounds like a verrry boring post.


~ by targrod on June 12, 2009.

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