Of the newmoo #

So, let us quickly talk about the upcoming movies that are in store for us viewers for the rest of the year.

(Dudeee… you have no life. Movies movies movies… puro ka na lang movies. Nakakahiya ka na…

Pag nanood ka, ilibre mo ko a.)


Anyhoo, as I’ve said, here’re films that we might want to see or something that sounds interesting… yeah:

Ø Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – part 3 ng Ice Age! May ka-MOMOL na yung loser na naghahabol nung edible food na part ng family ng peanuts.

Ø Bruno – nag-create na sya ng fuzz and ruckuzz. Might as well watch it.

Ø Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince – the trailer looks juicy. Pramis. Parang si Papa Harry.

Ø Julie & Julia – uyyy… yung cartoons noon… Julio at Julia kambal ng tadhana… *checks the Internet* ay… ibang Julie & Julia pala itetch.

Ø G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – this one is interesting. From the classic hit animation… duh. Syempre G.I. Joe. At ang totoo nito nandito si Joe Jonas.

Ø Ponyo – If it is a Miyazaki film, then it must be really good. At pag-asar ka na “Ponyo na ang salop.”

Ø The Time Traveler’s Wife – from the book. Uhm… I’m not really familiar. I know Hermione is Ron’s Time-traveler’s wife.

Ø Bandslam – Nandito kasi si Vanessa Hudgens. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ø The Final Destination – Part four malamang ito nung… ha? Oo nga, part four siguro ito nung Final Destination series. At uupuan sila nung artistang si Krista Allen, yung artista from Look Who’s Talking. Ha? Kirstie Alley ba yun? Nalito na ko.

Ø Inglourious Basterds – Kasi gawa ito ni Quentin tsaka sabi niya kay Brilliante, brilliant daw siya. Brilliant!

Ø H2 – another franchise based movie. Pero si Rob Zombie naman ang nag-direct!! Tsaka pag tsinek mo talaga, tungkol sa magsing-irog tong movie… HH daw e.

Ø Fame – remake nung 80’s musical hit na Fame. Oooohh… I hope this one won’t fail with Jack and Jill.

Ø Astro Boy – Nicolas Cage is in the movie. Thank God yung voice lang niya.

Ø Shutter Island – Tambalang Leonardo Dicaprio and Martin Iiiiskorseysey. Island siya nung mga cameraman na may pasan sa balikat na mga multo, based dun sa The Shutter na movie. Ha? Hindi? Aaa… Dapat daw The Shutter Island ang title pag ganun. Pero Shutter lang ang title nung Asian film na yun. Ang gulo mo.

Ø Whip It! – Stars Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page and George Michael with matching scene from the bathroom doing SS. Ha? Iba ito? Hindi kasama si George Michael. Oh well. Tsaka dude, Devo kumanta nito, you’re probably looking for Careless Whisper.

Ø Saw VI – Woohoo! Hindi pa siya crappy. Except for Saw IV. Saw saw saw saw saw saw na to!

Ø Amelia – It will star Audrey Tautau. What? It’s not a sequel of Amelie? Oh well. Internet says that this is a film about Amelia Earhart. It stars Hilary Swank giving us the age-old question, “Is Hilary Swank hot?” Cue The Office debate.

Ø A Christmas Carol – This will be shown in November, Riggghhtt.

Ø 2012 – Kung na-receive ninyo yung mail about the end of the world, (Enter R.E.M.’s It’s the end of the world as we know it… wou-wou-wooooo, ay paramore na yan iho) they made a story about it. Wala lang. Hindi sya connected sa 2046.

Ø The Twilight Saga: New Moon – Oh my fucking belzeebub. ‘nuff said.

Ø Avatar – A movie about still pictures ala slide show. You get to watch still pictures for two straight hours. Avatars are taken from various sites such as Myspace, Friendster, Facebook, and Pinoyexchange.

Ø Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – Guess the Pinoy in the film, there’s a Charice and a Pempengco.

Ø Sherlock Holmes – Kailangan pa bang I-meymorize yan?


Thank God they didn’t bank much on sequels. New material is ok even if it sucks.


~ by targrod on June 12, 2009.

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